2017: Workout Recap Week 49

After being sick last week I got back into it this week!

Monday, December 4th

4 miles around the neighborhood at 6:00am.

Tuesday, December 5th

3.2 miles in between my multiple appointments.

Wednesday, December 6th

5 miles on the CVT

Thursday, December 7th

4 miles around the neighborhood with a yoga class too!

Friday, December 8th

Rest day – took an easy yoga class

Saturday, December 9th

8 miles around the town of Wayne in flurries!

Sunday, December 10th

Rest day

How were your runs this week?

Coffee Chat – November 2017

I know this recap of November is a little late, but better late than never!

What I’m drinking: coffee with peppermint mocha creamer

Races I’ve run:

Donut Burger 5k – I ran this race because I wanted to eat the Donut Burger afterwards. But I also gained another 5k PR for the season! ALSO, I placed first in my age group!

Philadelphia Half Marathon – I wanted to try and sub 2 again during this race but I started off on track and then decided against it and wanted to enjoy the day and the race.

Races I’m training for: On December 2, I have the Girls on the Run 5k with my Golden Girls that I have been running with every Monday and Thursday afternoon since the middle of September. We had our practice 5k with the girls and they rocked it!

New things I’ve tried: I started to take some classes recently. I tried a class at Bulldog Yoga and I loved it. It wasn’t the meditative yoga which I am honestly not interested in at all. I honestly just wanted to go to yoga classes for the stretching and flexibility purposes. But this class was easy and had an awesome quiet playlist which made it a nice relaxing hour.

Fun activities I’ve done:

My hubby and friend Cait ran the Philadelphia Marathon the day after I ran the half! Since I was recently hired by lululemon I was able to be apart of their cheer section!

I am so grateful to have had numerous long runs with Cait throughout the fall! I am so proud of her for finishing her first full marathon! I am so glad I got to run the remaining 4 miles with her.

Oh! Cait got engaged after she finished too! So exciting!

On Thanksgiving the hubby and I wanted to save money, so we didn’t sign up for a turkey trot. Plus he had just run the marathon the previous Sunday. So we ran our own turkey trot on the Chester Valley Trail and Lola came too! She did such a great job! So proud of our pup!

What did you do last month?!

Girls on the Run 5k Race Recap

This past weekend I ran the Girls on the Run 5k in the county I live in. If you didn’t know since September I have been volunteering with Girls on the Run at one of our local middle schools (our middle schools start in 5th grade). So on Monday and Thursdays for about an hour and half in the afternoon I was coaching 5th grade girls how to run a 5k. We would have a meeting in a classroom prior to going outside to run and talk about aspects of life such as friendship, positive self talk, conflict, etc. The girls always had a blast with the conversations and I feel they grew a lot through them as well.

This past Saturday was race day and the night before the race we decided to have a pasta party to carbo-load before the race! The girls had so much fun eating all the food!

We have such generous parents! They gave the coaches gift cards to lululemon!

I was ready and all in purple with my race outfit!

Then it was race morning! The girls were full of energy and ready to go!

I was running with Caroline who was speedy one! We lined up for the race and the gun went off and we were ready to go. I thought we had started sort of in the front of the Girls on the Run crew but it turns out that STRIDE (the boys program) and Girls on the Run were starting all together. If I knew that I would have moved up way towards the front. So we started off swerving through people and having to run on the sidewalk a bit to get out of the crowds. Finally once we turned onto a busy road we were able to separate out a bit. We ran through a neighborhood and headed back down the way we came. There was a little hill in the 5k but honestly it was mostly flat which was really nice! Once I knew we were about a half mile away I picked up the pace a little bit to push Caroline, but I know she loves to be pushed. She ended up taking the push and taking off! I told her to keep going because I could still see her clearly.

She finished a little bit ahead of me because she got a kick at the end rounding it back to the school area where as I have learned that in 5ks I just don’t get a kick at the end like I do in half marathons. I finished the race in 26:38 which is 37 seconds off my PR which honestly I am ok with, but that meant Caroline ran a 26:22.

I knew Caroline could run fast and I am so proud of her! Overall, I loved my Girls on the Run experience. I really hope to do it again one day. Not sure if I will be able to do it in the spring but I hope to do it again next fall!

2017: Workout Recap Week 4

Monday, November 27th

Took at 6:00am class at Solidcore! It was my first time ever trying out a class at this studio!

Tuesday November 28th

Sick in bed day!

Wednesday, November 29th

Sick recovery day!

Thursday, November 30th

5 miles easy!

Friday, December 1st

Rest day before the 5k

Saturday, December 2nd

Girls on the Run 5k with my girl Caroline and the rest of my Golden Girls!

Sunday, December 3rd

A random rest day

Hoping to get back into

Philadelphia Half Marathon Race Recap 2017

The Philadelphia race weekend is one of my favorites out of the entire year. It is a weekend focused on runners and people tackling their goals. I have participated in this race weekend since November 2012. I refuse to miss it!


I headed to the expo on Friday afternoon after the school day with two of my athletes that are involved in the FCA ministry on the Main Line. They were running the half marathon on Saturday as well and had never been to a race expo before, especially one in the city so I had them tag along with me. We took the train and arrived at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. We got our bibs and I found the Sparkly Soul Inc table and said hi to my friend Dari who works for Sparkly Soul. It was great to finally meet her because I have been an Ambassador for them the past year because I am obsessed with their headbands.

The two athletes kept going to the Bark Thins tent because they are obsessed with them and they were giving out free samples. I mean why not keep going back to a tent with a food that you love so much the night before a race right!?

img_5096Anyway, we took the train home and thankfully when I walked into the hubby had one of my favorite pasta dishes ready to go! It’s a cheese tortellini, spinach, and tomato recipe that I love! I was also starving so it was perfect timing!


Once we finished dinner we headed to bed because it was going to be a crazy weekend with Brian running the marathon on Sunday so two early mornings and long days.


I got ready and we headed out to the city. I wasn’t nervous about the race, I was planning on just running for fun and not actually “racing” it because of the fact that I had gotten so burnt out from speed work over the summer I knew I wasn’t at my best.


I still started off at a 9:00 minute pace and kept it for about 5 miles and said no more. I want to have fun and not push myself today. Also, in my head I knew I was going to be running part of the marathon the next day with my friend Cait and didn’t want to kill my legs.

I was so excited that the half marathon course went back to its almost original form. They had completely changed the course last year and it barely ran through the city at all. A lot of people were disappointed so I was definitely a happy camper that we had spectators all around the course this year at almost every nook and cranny.


I crossed the finish line with a 2:09:10 on my watch! When I went to look at my official chip time online it said I finished in a 2:11:14 and I immediately thought, “Whoa that is so off and not right! Something is wrong here!”


No matter what this will always be my favorite race that I will do each and every year! Until 2018, Philly Half I’ll be back for you!

2017: Workout Recap Week 47

Monday, November 20th

Girls on the Run Practice 5k at the park

Honestly, this should have been a solid rest day due to running a half marathon the previous Saturday and marathon spectating/finishing the marathon with a friend.

Tuesday, November 21st

Rest Day

Wednesday, November 22nd

4 miles around the town of Wayne.

Thursday, November 22nd

3.12 miles on the CVT. Our very on family Turkey Trot! Lola did a great job!

Friday, November 23rd

Rest day due to Black Friday craziness while working at Lululemon.

Saturday, November 24th

10.5 miles with my running buddy Kate.

Sunday, November 26th

4.4 miles around the town of Wayne before church.

How were your workouts this week?

2017: Workout Recap Week 46

Race week! Bring on the Philadelphia Half Marathon!

Monday, November 13th

4 miles on the treadmill early in the morning.

Ran another 2 miles in the afternoon with my Girls on the Run girlies.

Tuesday, November 14th

4 miles early in the morning!

Wednesday, November 15th

3 miles on the indoor track while at a FCA conference

Thursday, November 16th

3 miles on the indoor track at Spooky Nook while at a FCA conference.

Friday, November 17th

Rest day

Saturday, November 18th

Philadelphia Half Marathon in 2:09:10

Ran for fun and enjoyed the crowds and the course!

Sunday, November 19th

Rest day but spectated and ran the final part of the marathon with my running bestie Cait.