2017: Workout Recap Week 33

Post sub 2 recovery time!

Monday, August 14th

Rest day

Tuesday, August 15th

4 easy miles with the Conshy Running crew.

Wednesday, August 16th

4 easy miles on the Chester Valley Trail.

Thursday, August 17th

4 easy miles with Conshy Running 

Friday, August 18th

3.12 miles on the treadmill. 

Saturday, August 19th

7 miles with my Nuun bestie Jenn.

For having heavy legs the pace wasn’t that bad. 

Sunday, August 20th

Rest day

How did your workouts go this week?

Friday Faves

Here are some things I have been into lately or actually this week.

SeaWheeze Half Marathon Medal

This medal is definitely special. It is the medal that represents all my hard work this summer to PR and sub-2 in the half marathon. SeaWheeze was going to my first attempt and hopefully only attempt. When I crossed that finish line a huge amount of relief came over me. I knew the goal was accomplished and I could relax. This medal shows me that I can push further than I thought and I can accomplish more in running than I ever thought I could.


Gotta love the views in Vancouver!

This is what Lululemon had to say about the SeaWheeze medal.


Lululemon Run All Day Backpack: SeaWheeze Edition

I have been wanting this bag from Lululemon for a while now, but couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on it. But then when we were waiting in line for the Exclusive SeaWheeze Lululemon store, I decided I had to buy it as a memory piece.

I love this bag! It is small and holds a lot of stuff! I am so glad I got it and it makes me smile every time I look at it because it reminds me of the goal I accomplished and the fun we had on the trip!

Sparkly Soul Endless Summer Collection

Sparkly Soul just came out with this new collection of headbands. I have the top two but I only ordered the Watermelon one. I can’t wait for it to come in! 

Here is the link to shop the collection. 


Duck Donuts 

I had been waiting to try out the new Duck Donuts that opened up near us. Trust me I will not be cheating on Devon Donuts, I still love them too! These donuts felt lighter to eat but were still very filling. 

The hubby and I got a half dozen to try out and split. 

Let’s just say we really enjoyed them! 

Hope you enjoyed reading about some things that I have been into lately.

SeaWheeze Half Marathon Race Recap

I still can’t believe it! I ran a sub-2 half marathon! Wow! I knew I was capable but I also didn’t think it would be as difficult a race as it was for me. But I will explain more race details below.

Brian and I flew out to Vancouver on Thursday and stayed at an AirBnB. When we arrived we checked in and immediately decided to head downtown to go for a final easy run along the Waterfront path. It was such a nice evening for a run and thankfully there wasn’t much smoke remaining from the forest fires.

Afterwards, we went for dinner at Steamworks Brewery along the Waterfront. We loved the burger selection that they had. It was a very busy night there so the service was kind of slow, but we made the best out of it.

Afterwards, we headed back to our AirBnB to sleep and relax. The room wasn’t air conditioned so we didn’t sleep well that first night – thankfully we asked for a fan and our host was able to give us one so we could sleep better the following night.

Friday morning we woke up early, Brian headed to the Vancouver November Project group run and I waited in line for the Exclusive Lululemon SeaWheeze store. I made a lot of friends while waiting in line and it made the waiting for over 2 hours go by really quickly. We played games, talked about the race, and got to know each other since we were all from different places.

While we were in the store I ran into fellow Sparkly Soul Ambassador, Briana! 

I was excited that I was able to get the popular Run All Day backpack that everyone wanted at the store.

After the store, we headed over to get our race gear and hung around the expo for the remainder of the morning. I took some time to enjoy the views and square.

This was the Olympic Cauldron where they lit the flame torch once it arrive in Vancouver. 

They had this Orca statue in the area as well that was really cool to look at.

I found the Nuun Hydration table and got my bottle filled up while chatting with some of the employees.

When Brian and I were looking for an Evo car to use I found the Nuun Hydration car in the parking garage. I posted it on my Instagram story and they said it was good luck. I smiled when I read that.

We went to lunch and then headed back to the AirBnB for a nap because we were exhausted then got ready to go out to dinner and carbo-load! We loved the restaurant we ate at called Frankie’s. It had amazing service and the food was authentic Italian which we absolutely loved due to carbo-loading for the race.

After dinner, Brian dropped me off at the AirBnB because I wanted to relax and go to bed early because I had a big race! Trying to sub-2 was starting to make me a little overwhelmed so I wanted to make sure I got a great nights rest. Brian went our to the Crate Escape with the Vancouver November Project group and had a great night.

Honestly, Saturday morning we woke up way to early. 4:30am! But the reason was because I was nervous we wouldn’t find an Evo car near our AirBnB house, which we did, there were PLENTY of them! I was just anxious for the race. Thankfully, I have a husband who knew I was going to be anxious and was just letting all my annoying quirks go because he knew it was a big day for me. We drove to the Waterfront near the start and left our Evo car there. We dropped our gear bags off and started to stretch for the race.

I was really nervous standing at the start. I saw one of the guys that was in the SeaWheeze Store line with me and he affirmed me, saying that I was going to do it and I was ready. I said I prayer asking God to give me the strength I needed during this race and that everything was in His control and then the race began! I crossed the start line and started my watch.
I felt so good the first couple of miles. Right after mile 1 there was a spin class happening over one of the bridges and it was so exciting to receive high fives from them and cheers! It pushed me!

I honestly felt good for the entire beginning of the race up until mile 7 where we started going over a bridge that took us to the Lululemon Headquarters to turn around and head back over the same bridge. Thankfully once I got off the bridge the road was downhill entering onto the trail along the beach front path. I started to get a bit nervous because I knew I started out to fast running a bunch of miles at 8:50 pace instead of the solid 9:00s like my coach wanted me too. I felt that maybe I  may have hurt my chances a bit but I wasn’t going to give up without a fight. I keep telling myself I had worked to hard all summer to give up so easily.
The miles that were along the beach path in Stanley Park were amazing. There was a breeze that made the weather a lot cooler and easier to keep pushing. At this point, I honestly wasn’t into giving high fives or smiling. I was determined and distracted by the beauty of Stanley Park. It was nice around mile 10 the local fire fighters were out spraying people with water which if I was in a better state of mine I would have laughed at. Once I got out of Stanley Park I went up a small hill during mile 12 that honestly killed me a bit but I just pushed myself down the hill and realized where I was. I was at the end of the Waterfront Path that I ran on Thursday evening! I knew that I was a little over a half mile away from the finish line. I looked at my watch and thought to myself – I have this! I need to push!

I pushed my legs as hard as I could go along the path knowing that I was going to break 2! I reached the point where once you rounded the corner you would see the finish line and a man yelled, “The finish line is around the corner!” I rounded the curve and saw it! I was so happy, elated actually. I was going to sub-2!!! My watch went off with mile 13 at an 8:36 mile! Wow, my fastest mile of the enter race was mile 13! The last .1 was at a 7:06 pace!

I crossed the finish line, bent down to catch my breath – a medic came over to check on me and I said, “I just need to sit down.” She walked me over to a bench where I could sit down and catch my breath. She gave me a water and I told her I was ok, took my inhaler, and told her I caught my breath so I’m ok.

I walked through the line of post race goodies.
The medal was awesome!

This is what Lululemon had to say about the medal in their Instagram story.

I got water, a wet towel to wipe the sweat off, and a brunch box with the most amazing banana bread and a yogurt parfait.

I was so excited to see Brian at the end of the race! He was elated to hear that I broke 2 hours! I couldn’t stop texting some of my friends and my coach, Kristy, was elated too!

After the race, we hung around for a bit taking pictures along the water front then headed back to the AirBnB to shower and get ready to check out.

We headed over to the Nuun Hydration Gathering at Steamworks Brewery to meet sometime fellow Nuun Ambassadors. After, some celebrations there we headed over to the November Project meet up so Brian could catch up with some of the buddies he met during our time there.

Afterwards, we walked around the water front with our luggage in tote and then headed to the airport to take a red eye flight back to Philadelphia.

We came home on cloud nine after both of us had gotten PRs on this course. We were sad that we didn’t get to spend that much time in Vancouver to explore at all. But Lululemon definitely knows how to throw a party. We are looking forward to hopefully go back again in 2018 if we can get into the race.

2017: Workout Recap Week 32 & SeaWheeze Training Week 12 (Race Week!)

Here is how race week went! I will write a seperate on my SeaWheeze Half Marathon Race Recap and on our adventures in Vancouver during our short time there. Make sure to check them out too!

I focused a lot on rest, hydrating, and mentally preparing for the race.

Monday, August 7th

Rest day 

Tuesday, August 8th

3 easy miles with Kate 

Wednesday, August 9th

Rest day

Thursday, August 10th

Final 3 mile easy run before the big race!

Friday, August 11th

Rest day before race day!

Saturday, August 12th

SeaWheeze Half Marathon – 13.1 miles of beautiful Vancouver scenery!

And I broke 2 hours! 1:58:46!!!! I’ll write a Race Recap this week! 

Sunday, August 13th

Rest day and travel day back to Philadelphia. 

How were your workouts this week?

Thoughts going into SeaWheeze

Happy Monday Ya’ll!!!! It’s RACE WEEK!!!!

Again, RACE WEEK! AHHHH! I can’t believe the day is almost here! It’s shocking to me and it seems like yesterday I was talking to my husband about wanting to hire a coach for the summer to attempt to break 2 hours in the half marathon.

I choose the SeaWheeze Half Marathon as my first attempt because I looked at the weather for Vancouver during the beginning of August and it was the perfect set up. Start would be in the upper 50s and the high for the day would be in the mid-70s. This would be the perfect situation for me to attempt a sub-2.

I hired the woman who helps coach our speed training on Tuesday nights at run club. Her name is Coach Kristy and after talking to some runners from club that hired her to help them hit their personal bests I decided I wanted to give her a shot. It couldn’t hurt and honestly, I was looking forward to having a coach again. I haven’t had one since college field hockey and I thought it would be nice for accountability, guidance, and most importantly encouragement.

Well, my training has gone amazing! I have loved the non-pressured easy runs. Adding consistent speed workouts to my running routine on Wednesdays made me a bit nervous but I kicked butt in all of them. They were tough and they definitely pushed my limits a lot because I had to run them in the crazy Philadelphia summer temperatures and humidity. But like I said above, Vancouver will not be like that so the fact that I hit my splits on all of them most of the time left me felling VERY ENCOURAGED!

I even ran a personal record at the Super Hero Showdown 15k in mid-June by 4 minutes! The course was very hilly and the weather was hot and humid. But I still managed a great race and again it left me encouraged for race day. 

I have been receiving a lot of encouragement from fellow runners on Instagram that have been following me in this journey and other friends as well. I am so blessed by my friend Charolette who made these awesome tank tops! I had to wear one of them for my race.

The opening of the envelope when I received my tank top in the mail was so cute and such an encouragement! Thank you Charolette!

I love this tank top. I ordered it because I wanted to be able to look down at the bible verse when I was racing to remind myself that God will give me the added strength that I need to push through on race day. To not get down or discouraged, He is the one guiding my race, not me.

If you are interested in buying her tanks, here is the link to her Etsy Shop: Stay Great My Girl. 

Honestly, I feel very confident going into Saturday’s race, but I don’t want to be over confident. I know that my training has prepared me well and that I have worked hard and pushed through many humid, hot, summer days to get my 9:00 minute pace down in my head and body. Coach Kristy wanted to make sure I got a good feel for the pace so I felt comfortable in it and I DO!

I am constantly reminding myself that I CAN DO THIS! Not to get down on myself or discouraged by anything around me but remembering that I put in the work to be successful and that I CAN BE SUCCESSFUL! I can run a sub-2 half marathon. This goal and time is something that I am fully capable of doing. I am excited (and a bit nervous) for race day. But I keep putting the nerves aside and reminding myself of the work I have done for this race. Just do focus and most importantly have fun.

Anyone else going to be a SeaWheeze?

2017: Workout Recap Week 31 & SeaWheeze Training Week 11

I am in the final stretch of the my SeaWheeze Half Marathon training! I can’t believe that race week is next week!!!!

Monday, July 31st 

Rest Day

Tuesday, August 1st

3 easy miles

Wednesday, August 2nd

Last speed workout for this training cycle. Thank goodness!

1 mile warm up, 4 miles at half marathon pace (9:00 min), and 1 mile cool down = 6 miles total.

Can’t believe I still hit my splits with the humidity we had! 

Thursday, August 3rd

3 easy miles 

Friday, August 4th

Rest Day

Saturday, August 5th

7 miles at Norristown Farm Park – last long run of SeaWheeze Half Marathon training!

Sunday, August 6th

Sunday RUNday 3 mile recovery run 

How were your workouts this week?

Coffee Chat: July 2017

Summer officially was in full swing this month! I was done with all my large FCA events this summer and was able to take some time to relax and catch up on other work.

What I am drinking: coffee with Almond milk French vanilla creamer 

What I am eating:
turkey bacon and eggs 

Races I’ve ran this month: None – still training for Project 1:59

Races I am training for: SeaWheeze Half Marathon on August 12th

This training cycle I have been working with Coach Kristy from Run the Long Road Coaching. She has helped me stay focused on my speed workouts so I would feel comfortable at my projected half marathon pace as well as taught me I was running to many days in a row.

I love it when I get to run with friends! So thankful my friend Jenn joined me for a hilly 8 miles as I went on to finish the full  13 one Saturday morning.

Books I’m reading: I finished reading Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham while we were on vacation.

I am currently reading through a couple other books. I have Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld and I am really enjoying it. Hopefully I will finish it as we travel to Vancouver.

I also want to start How Bad Do You Want It? it has been a really popular book amongst my Runner Girl Gang on Instagram so I of course needed to join the bandwagon. I’m not like that all the time but it seemed like everyone was loving on this book so I just felt I needed the push as well.

Events we celebrated: The 4th of July! We took Lola to a local town picnic and she wore a cute little hat and got tons of pets from all those around her.

Our 2 year wedding anniversary!

We were in Cancun and were able to relax all day at the pool reading! We went out to a nice dinner at the resort.

Where we traveled: We went to Cancun for a 5 day vacation/getaway.

The ocean view.

Loved the sunset along the bay.

Our plans for the rest of the summer: We are flying to Vancouver, British Coloumbia to run the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon which is the race I am hoping to break a sub-2 half marathon!

How was your July? How is your summer going? Anything planned for the end of the summer?