2016: Week 25 Log

Monday, June 20th

2 miles at 11 min pace. Again, slower than I would like but coming back slowly. 

And it was muggy, need to get out of bed earlier! 

Physical therapy at the gym along with some arm strengthing. 

Tuesday, June 21st

6:30am run and I felt great besides the humidity. Wanted to push to 3 but I’m giving myself one more easy week.

Wednesday, June 22nd 

Woke up early and went on a 3.2 mile run with my bestie on the Radnor Trail this morning. 

This was my longest run since surgery and it felt great! The weather was humid and sticky but we pushed through it. 

Continued to ice my knee and did some physical therapy and strength training at the gym as well.

Thursday, June 23rd

Rest Day

I received my prize from an Instagram competition – this awesome tank with amazing women runners on it! It’s from Sarah Marie Design Studio. (https://sarahmariedesignstudio.com/collections) 

This tank is specifically from Run in Rabbit. 

Friday, June 24th

I got a short run in because I didn’t want to push my knee to much. First run where I started to get my running motion back. Thank goodness! 

Saturday, June 25th

After the 2nd mile I listened to my body and went for a 3rd. I feel like I just need to get back into my groove then all the knee tweeks will hopefully go away on its on. But starting to feel good!

Sunday, June 26th 

Went running around he field house track at Kuztown then headed outside to run circles around the dorm. Great runs with Rebecca! 

Marine Corps Marathon training starts next week! Here goes nothing! Marathon #2 here I come! 

2016: Week 24 Log

Monday, June 13th 

Rest Day – needed to give my legs a break after waking the ODDyssey Half Marathon. Sore in random places I think due to using different muscles while walking. 

Plus, I don’t want to push my knee. A day of rest won’t hurt it! 

Tuesday, June 14th

Happy Birthday to me!

So glad I was able to start my birthday with a jog back! I did 1.43 miles and I felt a little rusty but I’m so excited to get back out there! 

Wednesday, June 15th

This saying was on my running pull off calendar: 

Couldn’t be anymore true coming off my injury. 

Physical therapy for my knee and a nice jog around Wayne. 

It may have been slow and steady but I’m glad I was back at it. 

Thursday, June 16th

Glad I was able to get back out there with my running pals at Conshy Running! 

2.25 miles in 25 minutes ain’t to shabby for me right now since I am still recovering. 

Friday, June 17th 

It was cool then got humid quickly during my short little run. 

But even though it was short I still got out there. I am so excited that I have my quiet time back to think, process, and pray. Even though I wish it was faster it I will get back to normal!

Saturday, June 19th 

My knee was sore so I opted to just finish up my third day of physical therapy and not run. 

Sunday, June 20th 

Rest Day

Book Review: Running – A Love Story

While I was on Instagram a few months ago I was hearing all the rave about this new book written by a Collingswood, New Jersey native, Jen Miller. She was a stand out high school soccer player but decided to not continue playing in college as she studied at the University of Tampa. While there she bats highs and lows of the transition to college life and being away from her family. She moves back home to the Greater Philadelphia area and begins her journalism career. She wrote a few books and articles while discovering a passion for running as she wrote about the topic often throughout her journalistic pursuits. 

As I read this book I continued to understand Jen, I felt like her and I could be her friend. I highly recommend this book to any lover of running that wants a great summer read! 

33 Years Down! 

Well, I turned 33! I am really starting to feel old now that I am officially in my 30s. It’s an entirely new stage of life outside of my 20s.

I am glad it was a relaxing day getting work done. My hubby gave me my presents early so I could use them in the half marathon! He got me the new Garmin Forerunner 230 and a Nathan Hydration Backpack for when we start marathon training again soon!

But…… the day started with a yummy breakfast in bed from the hubby. And of course birthday morning kisses from Lola the pup.

Raspberries, turkey bacon, pancakes, and of course coffee!

After breakfast in bed I went out for my first run since surgery! It was only 15 minutes and 1.43 miles but I don’t care! As far as I know it was the best run ever because I was able to get out there again for the first time since mid-March.

Then the hubby and I walked to Starbucks so we could do work and I could get my free birthday drink! I got my favorite venti nonfat, no water, chai latte with two pumps of chocolate. So yummy! I dare you to try it the next time you are at Starbucks!

After our Starbucks work date, we headed to one of my favorite Main Line restrauants called the White Dog Cafe.


We got to sit outside because it was such an awesome day outside weather wise so that was a huge blessing! But an abnormal thing that I did was I ordered red wine instead of white. It was definitely yummy.


And one of my favorite foods on their menu is their fried pickles! If you haven’t had fried pickles before I highly recommend them – they are SOOOOO good!


For dinner I got their Green Meadow Bacon Cheese Burger with Truffle Fries. YUMMY!


I honestly didn’t feel like having any of their dessert items so the hubby and I hit up our local ice cream shoppe and got ice cream cones for dessert.


I got Spouse Like a House which is similar to the Ben and Jerry’s version of Chubby Hubby. Vanilla malted ice cream with peanut butter swirl and chocolate covered pretzels. So delicious!


It was such a fun date night out with the hubby. I am so blessed that he loves and cares for me so much, especially on my birthday. He spoils me to much.

Well, here is to the start of 33! Can’t wait to run more races and my second full marathon!



ODDyssey Half Marathon Recap

I was looking forward to this race all spring until my injury. I obviously knew that I wouldn’t be able to run it and I found out I missed the cut off for getting my money back so I found out that the expected finish time is 3:15 and the average mile pace is 15:00 minutes.

Therefore, I decided to WALK the race. I didn’t want to lose or waste my money


Thankfully I found out one of my Instagram friends, Jess, was injured and planning on walking the race as well. I was very excited that I was going to have a partner to walk to race with.

The one thing about the race that my hubby was looking forward to was the costume contest – so he made a homemade costume and went as “Marathon Man.”


“Marathon Man” is out to set a new PR!


The race began in front of the Please Touch Museum in Fairmont Park, which was honestly a nice change of pace because most of the general Philly races start in front of the Art Museum. img_4285

I had to take a selfie with “Marathon Man” before the race began!


I was so blessed to have met Jess before the Philadelphia Marathon in November. We have been friends on Instagram and Facebook for awhile and since we were both injured we decided to walk the race together. It was definitely nice to have a buddy to walk 13.1 miles with.


We finished in just over 3 hours which was definitely a humbling experience since we usually finish in the 2 hour mark. We learned that the people in what I will call the “back of the pack” are so sweet and kind. They were also very encouraging to us and it was awesome to see how they are working so hard to achieve their goal just like everyone else.

I was excited to finally earn an ODDyssey Half Marathon medal because they are known for their bling!


And of course I needed to get a picture with the hubby as he got a PR too! I am so proud of him!


One tradition I’ve had since I started racing in 2012, was to treat myself to a large cheese pizza after each race. Thankfully, the hubby allows me to continue this tradition. So we ordered a large deep dish pizza from Pizza Hut on the way home.


After devouring the pizza we laid around the rest of the day with the pup and took a nap.

I am sad this is our last race of the season till September 10th at the Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon as well as beginning to train for the Marine Corps Marathon!

2016: Week 23 Log

This week I got the greatest news! Keep reading to find out….. 

Monday, June 6th

Happy 7 month birthday to our fur baby Lola!

Bike and elliptical along with PT exercises. I got some arm strengthing in too.

I also did some arm weights and abs as well.

Tuesday, June 7th 

I stopped by my athletic trainer’s office to check in on my progres and he said I can start jogging next week! It my only be 1-2 miles slow but it’s better than nothing! 

Bike and elliptical done! 

Wednesday, June 8th

PT exercises at home along with 15 minutes on the bike and elliptical. 

Thursday, June 9th 

Bike and elliptical for 15 minutes each.

Friday, June 10th

Another day of PT exercises at home and then headed to the gym for the bike and I tried a new elliptical machine that was more like running! So excited to get back out and jog a little next week. 

Also, worked on my abs and did some arm strengthening. 

Saturday, June 11th

Rest day… Went into Philly to grab our bibs!!

Sunday, June 12th

ODDyssey Half Marathon – 13.1 miles of pure walking fun! Monday or Tuesday I can take my first jog!

Sore knee afterwards, will probably wait to jog till Tuesday.