2016: Week 29 Log 

I was hoping this week would be a bit more consistent than last week. Thankfully I am done campus for the summer! 


  • Monday – cross training
  • Tuesday – 3 miles 
  • Wednesday – 6 miles 
  • Thursday – 3 miles 
  • Friday – 6 miles 
  • Saturday – 11 miles
  • Sunday – rest 

Monday, July 18th 

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to my handsome hubby! 

Started the day off with a 3 mile run before 6:00am 

Tuesday, July 19th 

Woke up and got another 3 mile run done before 6am. Gosh it feels good to get my run in first thing in the morning.

Afterwards, I treated myself to the new summer drink at Starbucks: Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato. It was amazing! Can’t wait to get it again!

Wednesday, July 20th

Mid-week 6 mile run. Needed to make a few stops but I am glad I got it done. 
Thursday, July 21st

Did some strength training before heading to meet the Conshy Runners for a run. It was great to see all my running buddies again. A nice 4 mile run on the SRT was what I needed. 

Plus it was the first run since surgery I didn’t stop. Progress, not perfection. 

When I got home from running club the book I won from Carlee McDot and Elizabeth Clor was in the mail! Can’t wait to dive into on vacation! 

Friday, July 22nd

I decided that this was going to be a rest day prior to long run Saturday. 

I was so excited to try out my first Herbalife shake this morning. So glad that Kallie and Abby recommended it to me as a breakfast option during lacrosse camp. Can’t wait to try the Cafe Latte flavor.

Saturday, July 23rd

Just over a 10 mile run for my longest run since surgery. I could have kept going for 11 but the hubby was done so I decided that was enough. 

We stopped at our favorite donut place afterwards. 

Post long run breakfast of champions. Not the most healthy option but their donuts are AMAZINGLY! 

Sunday, July 24th

Rest Day at home with the family. 

1 Year Anniversay Weekend

I came home from FCA Lacrosse Camp last Thursday and my husband had already started our anniversary celebrations! He is so sweet! Since the 1st anniversary is the paper anniversary he bought me a book that I was eyeing up at Barnes and Noble. It is Lauren Graham’s first book and I am stoked to read it on our vacation to Cancun next week.

On Friday, since I was still not feeling well and recovering from camp we decided to hit up Chipotle for lunch. The multiple gift cards I had really helped too! I got my favorite a chicken burrito bowl.

Later on that night we went to the Lindsey Stirling Concert in Reading. She is an amazing dancing violinist.

Saturday morning I woke up late because I was still catching up on sleep from the camp drained. Needless to say I should have just gotten out of bed because that run was HORRIBLE!

Brian and I went to his parent house to visit and drop Lola off for them to watch her for the afternoon while we attended a birthday party.

His dad was really excited to spend time with the grand-pup that she was so tuckered out on the drive home.

She was out like a light, she even slept in on Sunday morning, we had to wake her up. Our little sleepy head. 

Sunday we went to church then we headed to The Movie Tavern to finally see the movie: The Secret Life of Pets. We have been looking forward to that moving for a while!

I got coffee chocolate chip!

On the way home Lola enjoyed her time at shot gun.

On our anniversary, July 18th, we went out to dinner at our favorite local restaurant, Christopher’s: A Neighborhood Place. I got my favorites spicy crab Mac & Cheese and Brian got the mussels in linguine.

We ate our wedding cake for dessert. This is what our cake looked like surrounded by all the amazing cupcakes!

Brian and I were shocked that the cake looked exactly the same and tasted yummy too!

I was so excited that the cake tasted exactly as it did on our wedding day one year ago! 🙂 Vanilla almond with a bit raspberry in there. Yum Yum!

At our wedding reception, we had these books on the tables as the Table Numbers and so we could read a nice note on each anniversary. We were very excited to read our first one!

It was a great first of many anniversaries! Love you Brian!

2016: Week 28 Log

Week 3 of marathon training has begun and I was at our annual FCA Lacrosse Camp at Gettysburg College for the majority of the week. Needless to say i got sick on Monday and didn’t get to train at all between the camp craziness and feeling awful, at night when I would have went for a run around campus, I opted for an early bedtime so I could function the next day. 

Week 3 training called for: 

  • Monday – Cross Training
  • Tuesday – 3 miles
  • Wednesday – 5 miles
  • Thursday – 3 miles
  • Friday – 5 miles
  • Saturday – 6 miles
  • Sunday – Rest Day

Monday, July 11th 

Woke up with a bad sore throat and stuffy nose at camp. Didn’t get a run in. 

Tuesday, July 12th 

Still felt sick and busy busy with camp, no run. 

Wednesday, July 13th 

Last full day of camp and was still sick. Blah! 

Thursday, July 14th 

Last day of camp, heading home back to Philadelphia and slept for a long time to overcome the sickness. Again, ugh, no run. 

Friday, July 15th

I really wanted to go for a run but was still feeling sick and felt like I should save my energy for a mild long run on Saturday morning. 

Saturday, July 16th

Woke up late because I just felt like I needed to sleep in more because I still was tired from camp. Bad idea. The heat was killer and I needed to take a ton of breaks but I got 6.35 miles done. 

Lesson learned: just get up and do the run before the heat in the summer. 

Sunday, July 17th 

Decided to keep with what I have on my training schedule and rest. Will begin next week fresh and consistent. 

2016: Week 27 Log

Week 2 of Marine Corps Marathon training. I was glad to get back into the groove of training again. I was heading to another camp this week, my last one of the summer. I love camp but I am glad that when next week is over I will be able to really focus on training again. Therefore, I had to alter my training plan a bit this week because I didn’t know how much time I would have to get my longer runs on. 

This was my planned Week 2 training schedule: 

  • Monday – cross training
  • Tuesday – 3 miles
  • Wednesday – 5 miles
  • Thursday – 3 miles
  • Friday – 5 miles
  • Saturday – 9 miles
  • Sunday – Rest 

Below is what I was able to get done this week. 

Monday, July 4th

Happy 4th of July!!!! 

I went on a 5.22 mile run in the morning and felt pretty good. Not as many stops as last Saturday’s run, thank goodness. 

And Lola says, “Happy Birthday America!” Even though she is a Portugese Water Dog. 

Hit up the Starbucks Frappacino Happy Hour with the hubby! 

Tuesday, July 5th 

3.1 mile run on a very humid morning. Even though I wasn’t where I would have wanted I have been learning to find joy in the journey

Wednesday, July 6th

Early morning run and it was humid. Decided to not worry about my pace, just to take it slow and not take so many breaks due to the heat. Overall, 5.02 miles done and so excited to be training again! 

I was a bit drenched after this run. Yuck! 

It was Lola’s 8 month birthday so we took her to our favorite ice cream spot, Handel’s for a pup cone. 

I got this belated birthday card last night from my dad’s girlfriend. I guess she knows that I love my Fitbit and wine.

Thursday, July 7th 

Left for my last camp of the summer! 

Before I left I did a hot and humid 5k around the neighborhood. Took it nice and easy. 

Friday, July 8th 

We are staying at a retreat center and there is no where to really run because the roads are so twisty with no sidewalks. So I ran the long driveway up and back 4 times and that was 3.11 miles. 

Saturday, July 9th 

Didn’t get a run in because I was to busy with camp stuff. 

Sunday, July 10th 

Camp started and was just really busy.

With camp next week I am hoping I get a lot of walking in because I may it have time to run as much as I want. 

2016: Week 26 Log

Week 1 of Marine Corps Marathon Training! 

I am at camp this week so my training plan will be a bit off because I need to savor any time I even get to run. Also, I wanted to savor my knee since it’s still recovering. 

This week’s training plan called for:

  • Monday – cross training
  • Tuesday – 3 miles
  • Wednesday – 5 miles
  • Thursday – 3 miles
  • Friday – 5 miles
  • Saturday (Long Run) – 8 miles
  • Sunday – Rest

Monday, June 27th

Rest day

Tuesday, June 28th

3.1 miles on the indoor track at Kutztown University. Still feeling sluggish. Blah!

Wednesday, June 29th

Busy day at camp, couldn’t get a run in but I walked A LOT. 

Thursday, June 30th

Another busy day at camp, couldn’t get a run in and I was so tired. 

Friday, July 1st

Camp ended and was focused on recovering and getting sleep!

Saturday, July 2nd

Longest run since surgery and 2 months post-op! 

The hills at Valley Forge National Park were killer, but so glad I kept pushing through! 

Breakfast of champions after a Saturday morning run! 

Sunday, July 3rd

Rest Day – gearing up to start week 2 of marathon training. 

Got some strength training in though!