2016: Week 44 Recap!

This week consisted of marathon recovery. The only race left on the docket for 2016 is the Philadelphia Half Marathon the middle of the month which I still plan on running but at an easy pace. But due to recovery week I don’t have much of a training plan.

Monday, October 31st – Happy Halloween! 

Rest day

But Lola went out trick or treating with Brian as a donut!

Tuesday, November 1st

Rest day!

Wednesday, November 2nd

Rest Day!

Thursday, November 3rd
Rest Day! Went on a couple walks around town town with the pup. 

Friday, November 4th

Rest day! Took Lola on a couple of walks through Wayne. 

Saturday, November 5th

Rest Day! 

Went to the dog park with Lola.

Sunday, November 6th

Rest day – I like to keep my rest days on Sunday’s even though I really wanted to go out and run after watching the NYC Marathon but I held off. 

Instead we celebrated our fur baby’s birthday! 

Happy 1st Birthday Lola! 

Our sweet next door neighbor left a present for her at our door! So nice!

Any races coming up?


2016: Week 43 Recap!

This was the final week of marathon training meaning it was also MARATHON WEEK! Wow, I can’t believe I made it through another marathon training cycle and race! 

I was away for part of the week at our annual regional conference for work so I ran and rested while I was away. 

Here was the plan for the week:

  • Monday: 3 miles
  • Tuesday: 4 miles
  • Wednesday: 3 miles
  • Thursday: 2 miles
  • Friday: rest day
  • Saturday: rest day 
  • Sunday: Marathon Day!!!!!!!

Monday, October 24th 

4 miles ending with free coffee at Dunkin Donuts for the Eagles win!

Tuesday, October 25th

3 miles before 6am then heading to a work conference for the rest of the week. 

Wednesday, October 26th

3 miles on the indoor track at Spooky Nook before 6am.

Thursday, October 27th

2 miles done! Last training run for Marine Corps Marathon training! 

Friday, October 27th

Rest day – traveled down to Washington D.C for the marathon 

Saturday, October 29th

Rest Day – Bib pick up! 

Ready to run with the Marines!

Sunday, October 30th

Race Day! Marine Corps Marathon completed! 

Marathon #2 in the books! It was a tough one, look for my race recap shortly!

Did you race this weekend? Which race did you do? How did it go?

2016: Week 42 Recap

This was the the second to last week of marathon training! I can’t believe it! The mileage was lower because of tapering and I have to say a relief too! 

The training plan for this week was as follows:

  • Monday: 4 miles
  • Tuesday: 5 miles
  • Wednesday: 4 miles
  • Thursday: 3 miles
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 8 miles
  • Sunday: rest

Now what really happened during my week! 

Monday, October 17th

Early morning 4 mile run! 

Tuesday, October 18th

Happy National Chocolate Day!

5 miles on a crisp Philly fall morning. 

Wednesday, October 19th

Very, very busy day. These last couple weeks have been killer busy with coaching, marathon training, work, etc. 

Rest day was changed due to the hectic schedule of the day.

Thursday, October 20th

Lots of colorful fall leaves on a 4 mile run! 

Friday, October 21st

3 miles on the campus at the University of Valley Forge.

It was a sunny and slightly humid day for the middle of October!

Saturday, October 22nd

8 miles on a rainy and windy day!

My last long run for Marine Corps Marathon training! 

Sunday, October 23rd

Rest Day
How was your week? What are you training for? 

2016: Week 41 Recap!

Week 16 of marathon training! Was tapering all week and I honesty can’t believe how low my mileage is – definitely something I’m not used too!

This week’s plan:

  • Monday: 5 miles
  • Tuesday: 6 miles
  • Wednesday: 5 miles
  • Thursday: 4 miles
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 12 miles
  • Sunday: rest

Monday, October 10th 

5 miles bright and early around the neighborhood.

Tuesday, October 11th

6.05 miles around the neighborhood went pretty slow, didn’t sleep well the night before and needed to clear my head. 

My wonderful running friend from Instagram: Meretherunner14 sent me this sweet snail mail. I was so excited and it was exactly what I needed going into the rest of marathon training.

Wednesday, October 12th

Rest day 

Thursday, October 13th

5 miles around the neighborhood. I have been taking my runs easy. I want to enjoy the quiet and calmness I feel during my run.

Friday, October 14th

4 miles total

2.5 miles on the UVF Campus loop

2 miles on the Malvern part of the Chester Valley Trail

Saturday, October 15th

12 miles – my last double digit long run for Marine Corps Marathon training! 

Sunday, October 16th

Rest day! Much needed! Can’t believe that this is the official 2 week mark! Wow!
How is your training going??

Friday Fives

Here are 5 things that I’ve been into lately. 

1) Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha

This fall seasonal drink of pure happy caffeinated goodness is something I thoroughly enjoy during the fall season. 

2) Field Hockey Coach friends!

I have been coaching along side these two wonderful Godly women the past 4 years. We are besties in the fall months and wouldn’t want to coach along side anyone else. We even coaches lacrosse together last spring because we love coaching together!

This season we decided that we needed to match every game, after all it is more intimidating, right? At least we think so. 

3) Nuun Hydration bottle

I have been a big fan of Nuun tablets during the last part of my marathon training. They are so refreshing after a hard run, taste yummy, and they have been giving me more energy throughout my day.

4) Semi-Sweet Mini Chocolate Chips

We definitely buy a bag of these once a week at the grocery store. I never was a major I have a chocolate fix type of person but during marathon training I just have been eating a lot. 

I love these because I can take a small handful and be satisfied with the chocolate craving I was experiencing and it’s healthy! 

5) Momentum Jewelry – Share the Spark!

My instarunner friend Mere sent me this bracelet for me last week. It was so sweet of her – she knew exactly what I needed a few weeks before running my second marathon.

The phrase you got this is such a great reminder for me as I compete marathon training and conquer the Marine Corps Marathon! 

Check out this website for more bracelets!
What have you been into lately???

2016: Week 40 Recap! 

Peek week is over and I have to say this week I felt a lot more relief towards training excited that race day is approaching fast! And I am also getting a bit nervous. 

Beginning week 15 of marathon training.

This week’s training looks like this:

  • Monday: Rest day
  • Tuesday: 5 miles
  • Wednesday: 8 miles
  • Thursday: 5 miles
  • Friday: 5 miles 
  • Saturday: 16 miles 
  • Sunday: Rest day

Monday, October 3rd

Rest day

Bring on the taper! 

Tuesday, October 4th 

5 miles and stretching. 

Wednesday, October 5th

5 miles on the Valley Forge Park loop! 

Love looking at the points of history along the loop.

Thursday, October 6th

Happy 11 months Lola!

8 miles on the Chester Valley Trail and felt stronger than ever! 

Friday, October 7th 

5 miles on the Radnor Trail 

Saturday, October 8th

16 miles on the Schuylkill River Trail 

Sunday, October 9th

Rest Day 
How is your training going? Any big races coming up?

Goals for the Marine Corps Marathon

Wow! I can’t believe it is less than one week till I run my second marathon! There are a ton of emotions flying through me right now. First is, why did I sign up to do another one of these? I struggled a lot mentally during the Philadelphia Marathon last November due to seeing all the runners that were a head of me because of the turn around point. But I am glad that the Marine Corps Marathon doesn’t seem to have that throughout the last part of the race so I am glad that mental barrier that was such a huge factor for me last time not be there. 

Second thought is, will my knee hold up? After my meniscus surgery last May my surgeon told me that he was really worried about my arthritis but was still going to  allow me to run how ever long I could handle it. I just hope my knee holds up and it isn’t something that hinders me throughout the race. 

Third, I have been thinking about my goals for this marathon. Honestly,  I haven’t really had any. I would love to PR from my 4:45 last year but it is a different course and even though my training this time around has been a lot more consistent I am not sure if that will happen. I just feel my knee has slowed me down a bit and my times throughout my training haven’t been where they were this time last year. But I am going to do the best I can and be super excited if I surprise myself. I am going ot make sure I listen to my body and take in all the sights Washington D.C has to offer as well as the fabulous atmosphere I have heard so much about. 

But then it brings me to this thought…. 

I wanted to make sure I ran one more marathon. As much as I thought I was going to be a one and done marathoner and still to half marathons I just felt that I needed to get ONE MORE out of my system. Therefore, I wanted to make sure I stuck to my training schedule and enjoyed the process. 

So, here are my goals for the Marine Corps Marathon: 

1) Finish! 

2) Rely on God throughout the race for my strength and praise him through my running! 

3) I got this! (My training has prepared me, I can finish and stay positive)

4) PR from 4:45 last November

5) Enjoy the sites and atmosphere of the race.

I know those goals aren’t anything big in the mid of some people or other runners. But due to my recovery I am not sure what to expect out of this race and I really just want to take it all in. I want to enjoy the race and know that I got it! 

At the end of the day, if I reach my goals great! If I don’t I tried and you know what? I ran a marathon and did the best I could, that is all that matters! 

Like the above picture says, I want to know that at the end of the race I did my best and I KILLED IT!