Best Nine of 2016

I did this last year and and it was nice to see the Best Nine Instagram posts of 2016.

My Best Nine of 2015 looked like this:


  • I got married to my best friend.
  • We met our fur baby Lola for the first time.
  • I ran my first full marathon

My Best Nine for 2016 turned out like this:

  • The hubby and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary.
  • I ran a few times.
  • I drank some more coffee.
  • The hubby and I completed our second marathon being the Marine Corps Marathon.
  • We celebrated our 4th Christmas together!
  • I ran my 10th half marathon!
  • We ran a 5k in Ugly Christmas Sweaters in the sleet and rain!

2016 was definitely an eventful year. I didn’t come out of it completing all the goals I wish I had accomplished, one mainly being breaking 2 hours in the half marathon. But setbacks happen this time being meniscus surgery. But in those setbacks you become stronger and wiser. I am thankful for the set back it gave me a new perspective that I didn’t have before.

As most people do around this time, they set goals for the new year. In terms of my running I decided that I have goals in mind. Like breaking 2 hours in the half marathon, but I am ok if I don’t complete that goal in 2017. It is a goal for me to continue to work towards. As well as, my goal to run half marathon in all 50 states which will not happen in 2017 but over a long period of time.

I am excited about the new goals I have set out for myself and I am not putting the pressure on myself to complete them in 365 days. If I break 2 hours in the half marathon I would be elated. But I don’t want to have another set back and then be disappointed in my progress so I am going to see where the wind takes me and enjoy the ride of 2017!


Book Review: Present Over Perfect

I had bought this book Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist while attending the Global Leadership Summit this past August. The title of the book immediately caught my eye because as much I would like to hide it, I am a recovering perfectionist. I say I am a recovering perfectionist because I am not perfect and although I like to think I am, I am not. And I need to remind myself of that daily. I am not perfect and I will NEVER be perfect. So I shouldn’t assume that I am nor that I am better than anyone else I am surrounded with throughout my day or life.

So I finally was able to start reading this book in October and I couldn’t put it down at first. I turned page after page because honestly, I felt like Shauna was speaking to me personally. She was like my spirit-animal. She knew I needed to hear the words she was saying and take it all in.

She talked about trying to fit and image, a mold that is expected of you. I feel this way often, especially serving in a sports ministry that is in a predominately financially well of area of Philadelphia. I often feel that I need to fit the mold of the people that live here. They are driven to succeed, they are driven to be perfect – which never will happen. Perfection doesn’t happen because none of us are perfect. Even though a lot of the time we may like to think we are.

After reading this book, I have decided that my One Word for the year will be PRESENT. I am not going to worry about the perfect image anymore, making sure dinner is on the table, the dog is walked, the apartment is clean, the dishes are washed, laundry is done, made that meeting, etc. I am going to leave a little bit more mess in my life for now on so that I can enjoy all that life has to offer me. Living in the moment, being present.

I highly recommend reading this book if you are struggling with the balance of perfection and purpose. This book will definitely guide you in the direction to start to find your purpose.

2016: Week 52 Recap

Needed to make sure I got some runs in this week after all of the holiday goodies! 

Monday, December 26th

5.1 miles on the Chester Valley Trail with the hubby! 

We attempted to run off all the Christmas cookies we ate this weekend! 

Tuesday, December 27th

Gym date with the hubby.

3.25 miles on the treadmill then strength training.

Wednesday, December 28th

5 miles on the Radnor Trail. Took it nice and easy, sometimes those days are just needed. 

Then coffee!

Thursday, December 29th

Hard 5 mile effort with Conshy Running

Friday, December 30th

Rest Day

Saturday, December 31st

8 miles on the Schykull River Trail along Boathouse Row to ring in the new year right!

Sunday, January 1st

Happy New Year! It called for a rest day!

Friday Favorites Christmas Edition!

Since its 2 days before Christmas I wanted to give you some of my Christmas favorites for 2016.

1) Our Table Top Christmas Tree

This year, Brian and I were unable to buy a regular Christmas tree for our apartment because Lola wouldn’t have any room to run and play as well as she would probably break the ornaments on the tree. So we decided this year to get a Table Top Tree at Whole Foods which has worked out really well for this year of transition.

2) Our Gingerbread House Tradition

Ever since Brian and I started dating we have made a Gingerbread house for the center of our kitchen table. This year will be difficult to put it there since our Table Top Christmas Tree is there.

3) Starbucks Red Cups

I thought it was fun that this year Starbucks took drawings from the red cups from the previous year and made them into the cups for 2016. It’s fun too because every time you go into Starbucks you never know what design you will get.

Oh I just love red cup season!

4) Christmas Tree Smelling Candle

I love this candle, it makes our apartment living room smell like Christmas! You just smell the pine of a Christmas tree throughout the room when it is burning. It makes the living room feel very cozy and warm.

5) Wawa Holiday Blend Coffee

For all you coffee lovers out there like me, last year, Brian and I discovered this new blend of coffee from Wawa. It is amazing when you put hazelnut creamer in it. If you live by a Wawa Market you should try it!!!

6) Lola’s first visit to Santa

We took Lola to see Santa (Paws) at the dog park to tell him what she wanted for Christmas.

She asked for more squeaker toys and a new antler.

What are some of your favorites this holiday season?

2016: Week 51 Recap

Needed to make sure I got my miles on this week because I wanted to make sure I could eat all the yummy things!

Monday, December 19th

Gym date with the hubby!

4.16 mile run on the treadmill and strength training.

Tuesday, December 20th

The hubby and I went to running club for a trail work out with our running coach.

This was the workout:


It was nice to run in a group for a change as we encouraged each other through each 5 minute set. They also helped me keep a strong consistent pace as well.


Wednesday, December 21st

Initially, I was planning on running 3 miles because my knee felt tired after putting in a hard effort during the workout Tuesday night.

But I decided to push through a 5 mile effort on the Radnor Trail but took it very easy. I wanted to keep up my stamina for when I begin training for my spring race schedule.
img_7014Thursday, December 22nd

4 miles on the Schykull River Trail with Conshy Running.

Friday, December 23rd

4 miles on the Chester Valley Trail with a friend from Conshy Running

Saturday, December 24th

Rest day!

We saw Santa!!!

Santa I know him!

Sunday, December 25th

Rest day! 

Merry Christmas!!!!

Love the Catton’s!

How were your workouts leading up to Christmas???

Ugly Sweater 5k Philly Edition

The week of Thanksgiving Brian and I decided that we wanted to run The Ugly Sweater 5k in Philadelphia since we didn’t run a Turkey Trot this year. We were really excited to run this race as it would be our last race for 2016 and we even ordered Ugly Christmas Sweaters on Amazon to wear for the race.

This week the weather predictions didn’t have a positive weather report for race day. They were calling for a high of 48 degrees with freezing rain during the night.

Brian and I woke up and saw the ground covered with snow which made us really excited for the first snow of the season. We got in the car and headed to the race and the roads were slushy but once we got onto Route 30 it was pretty clear and so we drove on that the entire way into the city and parked close to the Art Museum.

We were grateful to get a parking spot so close to the start line, so we didn’t have that far of a walk post race. We walked to the start line and there was a race party set up there. They had a huge Santa, a bounce house, tents, and fire pits for the runners. The fire pits were amazing because we stood there prior to the race in the rain and it kept us warm.

We got the the start line and someone at one of the tents handed me a poncho and I decided that I would wear that for the race since I was already soaking wet, my sweater was starting to get pretty heavy. I was grateful that with the cold rain that this was only a 5k that I was running an not a half marathon. I knew I would be done in around 30 minutes and I knew I could handle that since I have already done 2 longer races in the pouring rain.

At the beginning of the race my toes were so cold that I was wondering if I could finish the race because they were so cold. But I kept going and they finally did warm up which I was thankful for. The race was nice and flat the entire time and half one minor hill which if it was a dry day wouldn’t have been that bad but due to the icy slush on the ground it made it difficult to run up it.

I really would have loved to get a PR for this race but due to the weather conditions I didn’t want to slip and fall therefore hurting myself. I was excited that I was able to maintain a solid pace throughout the race, my first mile was a 9:54 then a 9:44 and another 9:44. My overall finish time was a 30:16 with an average pace of 9:46.

Overall, I was happy with my performance but was sad because I knew if the conditions were better I could have potentially PRed in the race. But I am content with it.

The hubby was really excited because he finished 3rd overall in the race.

I loved the hat that they gave us for participating in the race instead of your typical t-shirt. It kept me pretty warm throughout the race so I was pretty thankful for that.

We also got finishers medals which I thought was corny because it was only a 5k but I was thankful for the token. I can add it to my collection. We saw our buds from Conshy Running and were able to get a fun group photo at the finish.

After the race we met with the crew for brunch and it was nice to hang out with some of them not the Conshy Brewing Company but while out to eat.


2016: Week 50 Recap

Monday, December 12th

It was pouring rain at 5:00am so there was no way I was getting out of bed. So I had to push my run to the afternoon.

img_6817I went for a 3.17 mile run on the Radnor Trail. I had negative splits and was really glad to see where I was during this run.

Tuesday, December 13th

Decided to wait till the evening to run and have a gym date with the hubby. We did that a lot while we were dating and wanted to bring it back.

3.15 miles on the treadmill

Wednesday, December 14th

3.23 mile run around Wayne

Thursday, December 15th

Rest day

Friday, December 16th

4.10 miles on the treadmill. To cold to run outside! And some strength training!

Saturday, December 17th

Ugly Sweater 5k!!!!!!!

I was excited with my time given the conditions of ice and slush all over the course. I finished in a 30:16 with an average pace of 9:46.

Sunday, December 18th
Rest Day

How did your work outs go this week?