2017: Week 5 Recap

This was home settlement and moving week!

Monday, January 30th

5 miles on the Radnor Trail

Tuesday, January 31st

3.1 miles on the treadmill

Wednesday, February 1st

Rest day!

Thursday, February 2nd

First run around the new neighborhood!

3.21 miles 

I love our red door.

Friday, February 3rd

4 miles 

Saturday, February 4th

Moving day!!! Goodbye Wayne apartment…

hello new house! 

Sunday, February 5th

4 miles on the treadmill before Super Bowl fun!

How did your work outs go this past week?

Sparkly Soul Ambassador 2017

On Wednesday, I received an email that definitely made me do a happy dance! I have been selected as a Sparkly Soul Ambassador for 2017!!!!!

I discovered Sparkly Soul Headbands at the Philadelphia Marathon Race Expo in 2014. I had been looking for a running headband that didn’t sleep out of my hair constantly and most of the time I was at a loss. But I didn’t want t bulky headband either since I have such a small head. So my husband who was my fiancé at the time and I came across their table at the expo.

Image 1-26-17 at 8.52 AM

I bought two headbands: a thick silver headband and a thick Philadelphia headband.

I wore the thick silver headband for the race and it didn’t move once. I was so excited to FINALLY find a headband that didn’t slip out of my head. I immediately was obsessed! I recommend them to everyone that I know especially if they are looking for a new headband.

Click here for more information on their headbands!

My thoughts on the new movie Patriot’s Day

Two weeks ago, I went to go see  Patriot’s Day a movie based on the Boston Marathon bombings. I went to see the movie with a couple runner friends. None of us have run the Boston Marathon before, but I do have friends who ran the marathon that day.


The movie was definitely dramatized by Hollywood. The movie was based on the events that happened that day and the days proceeding. They didn’t focus on the marathon itself, but the chase and capturing of the terrorists that did the bombings.

I know I wasn’t there that day, but I remember the day very well. I remember the reaction my friend Craig had who placed 12th overall in the marathon that day. He was back at his hotel when he bombings happened, but he was still affected by it.


I actually texted a friend who ran the Boston Marathon that day and told her I saw the movie. She asked me what I thought about it and I said that it felt like I was there. I felt like I was experiencing the Boston Marathon that day along with the manhunt afterwards.

The Boston Marathon bombings happened the spring after I ran my first half marathon. I had just started classifying myself as a runner, running had become a huge part of my life at the point. So when the bombings happened I felt like I was attacked. I was running the Broad Street Run 10 Miler in Philadelphia a couple weeks after and all the runners at the expo was given the below sticker to wear while they were running the race.


It was a reminder that we are a community of runners and that we will support and fight back.

I honestly am not sure if I will ever run the Boston Marathon. Do I have dreams to run, absolutely. But due to arthritis in my knee that dream was in my opinion derailed this past spring. But for now, I will continue to love, support, and cheer on my fellow runners who do qualify or desire to qualify for Boston so that their dreams may come true!



2017: Week 4 Recap

Monday, January 23rd

3.21 miles on the treadmill. Didn’t feel like braving the cold, windy, and rainy day.

Included strength training.

Tuesday, January 24th

4.21 miles on the treadmill, strength training, stretching, and rolled my calves.

Wednesday, January 25th

Unexpected Rest Day – My former roommate from when I worked in Athletic Academic Services at the University of Memphis was in Philadelphia for the day for the Temple Basketball Game. So I gave her a mini tour through Philly.

Thursday, January 26th

5.12 miles on the treadmill.

I have been desiring to run on the treadmill more recently. Maybe it is because the Woodway Treadmills they have at the gym don’t make my knee hurt and they are comfy.


Friday, January 27th 

3.13 miles at 9:26 pace around Wayne. 

Saturday, January 28th

4.22 miles on the treadmill. It was gym date with the hubby.

Then bRUNch afterward at Nudy’s Cafe.

Sunday, January 29th

Rest day


Nuun Ambassador for 2017

On Monday, I received an email that I had been anticipated for the past couple of days. I was selected out of thousands of applicants to be a Nuun Ambassador for 2017.

img_7386I have been drinking Nuun everyday since I started training for the Marine Corps Marathon this past summer. If you aren’t familiar with Nuun it is a healthy hydration method of an electrolyte drink tab that you put in water and let it resolve. It is gluten free, dairy and soy free, safe for clean sport, and made from plant based ingredients.

They have 3 basic products that I use on a regular basis:

Nuun Active – replenishes your body before, during, and after a work out. It is packed with electrolytes!

Nuun Energy – It elevates and hydrates you. It has caffeine that comes from green tea extract, b-vitamins, and electrolytes! It helps you maintain a high level of energy throughout the day.

Nuun Vitamins (NEW!) – if you want to be healthy it hydrates you better than water alone. This is the Nuun product you use when you aren’t exercising. It is packed with electrolytes and provides you with the added electrolytes you need to get through the day. The Nuun Vitamins also has NEW flavors!

They sell 16 ounce bottles on their website as well to promote clean living, by not using throw away water bottles.

I personally drink Nuun if I am running on the treadmill or immediately after my run as my post-run treat. It has definitely made me more conscious of how much water I am drinking throughout the day as well.

Again, I am really excited to be apart of the Team Nuun this year and promoting how much Nuun has helped me in my training. If you have any questions about the product do not hesitate to email me!



2017: Week 3 Recap

Monday, January 16th

Rest day

Tuesday, January 17th

Easy 4 miles on the treadmill.

Wednesday, January 18th

5 easy miles around the neighborhood.


Thursday, January 19th

5 miles on the Valley Forge Park Loop

I replenished myself with Nuun afterwards and stretched. 

Friday, January 20th

Nice easy 5k on the Radnor Trail. 

Saturday, January 21st

10.55 miles on the Schykull River Trail loop. 

Sunday, January 22nd

Rest Day 

Did strength training at the gym. 


Friday Favorites

Here are some things I am into lately that I needed to share with you.

1) Life Word

A few people I am on staff with through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes wrote a new book called Life Word. We are reading it as a staff in Philadelphia this month. It is a small book and a quick read, BUT the questions take a lot of thinking, meditating, and praying about.

I am excited for this journey to figure out what my life word is.

2) Lola’s Gotcha Day!

Wednesday was 1 year since we brought our fur baby Lola home with us. We celebrated with a bottle of wine and a large cheese pizza. We shared the crust with our Lola bear and she was so excited to eat the yummy crust she loves so much.

As much as she can drive us nuts sometimes we love our cute, cuddly, pup and wouldn’t want to change anything about her. She is definitely a Catton and we love having her as a part of our little family.

3) My Free Starbucks Coffee Mug

I have gotten this cup for the past 3 years because you purchase the cup at a local Starbucks and you receive free coffee once a day for the entire month of January.

I love it since I work from home and I often go to Starbucks to do work because I enjoy the little noisy atmosphere. So I am grateful for this cup of joe every January.

What are you into these days?