Friday Faves 

Southern Cross Kitchen

A couple months ago Brian and I went here for brunch after the Ugly Sweater 5k and I thought it was the cutest place. It has southern charm to it which I honestly miss a lot from living in Memphis. We came back here another night for a friend from running club’s birthday and had dinner here before the gathering. It was awesome!

I love how they give you water in mason jars.
I also love how they have southern fried chicken. It was amazing!
I absolutely love this saying on the wall. It is so true and one of my favorite things about this restaurant.

Messiah Women’s Lacrosse Shirt

I had the opportunity to pray before the game for the Messiah Women’s Lacrosse team two weeks ago. The coach was awesome and as a thank you sent me a shirt so I could represent!

Mileposts Giveaway

Last week I found out I won this awesome giveaway on Instagram! I couldn’t wait to get my new goodies in the mail.

Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie

I saw a few runner friends post about these cookies on Instagram and I finally found them in a few stores and had to try them. Well needless to say I’m obsessed. I love eating them for lunch with a banana or something healthy. They fill me up and are delicious.

What are you into lately?

2017: Week 16 Recap

Week 9 of training for the Broad Street Run and the Delaware Half Marathon and peak week in terms of my half marathon training!

Monday, April 17th

Happy Patriot’s Day!!! 

I was glued to the TV watching the Boston Marathon.

Ran 5 tempo miles negative splits!


Tuesday, April 18th

5 miles solo

3 miles with my friend Marianne 

Wednesday, April 19th

5 miles on the Chester Valley Trail. My breathing was horrible but got through it.

Thursday, April 20th

3 miles with my friend Mandy at a new park and strength training.

Friday, April 21st

Rest day = carbo-loading for my long run with pizza!

Saturday, April 22nd

60 minutes on the elliptical with lifting

Sunday, April 23rd

10 miles on the River Trail loop.

How are your workouts going? What races are you training for?

2017: Week 17 Recap

Week 10 of training for the Broad Street Run and the Delaware Half Marathon. 

Monday, April 24th

5 easy miles

Tuesday, April 25th

5 miles on the treadmill was rough and lifting 

Wednesday, April 26th

4 miles with my friend Marianne then 4 miles solo

Thursday, April 27th

5 miles with My friend Jenn during Conshy Running 

Friday, April 28th

Rest day

Saturday, April 29th

Volunteered at the Conshy 5k in the morning

5 miles on the Radnor Trail very hot and humid 

Sunday, April 30th

Rest Day 

Do you have any races coming up?

2017: Week 15 Recap

Week 8 of training for the Delaware Half Marathon and Broad Street Run.

Monday, April 10th

4.5 miles around town then some strength training at the gym. 

Tuesday, April 11th

So my worked out ended up being:

800m warm up/ 4 x 800m at 9:00 pace with 400m recovery/ 800m cool down 

Totaling to be 4 miles.

The run club crew!

Wednesday, April 12th

7 miles on the Chester Valley Trail. Easy day legs were feeling it. 

Thursday, April 13th

5 easy miles on the Radnor Trail 

Friday, April 14th

Cross Training day! 50 minutes on the ellipical.

Saturday, April 15th
11.03 miles on the trail with a Nuunie friend! 

Sunday, April 16th

Rest Day, finally!


How were your workouts this week? 

Broad Street Run 2017 Race Recap 

This was my fifth year running this race and I love it. It’s full of Philadelphia spirit and fun! Last year, it poured rain before, during, and after the race. I was freezing. Not to mention the fact that I was running on a torn meniscus and was getting surgery the following day. This was my first race of 2017, and I had worked hard to conquer Broad Street since last year I was unable to fully conquer it.

When my husband and I were volunteering at the Conshy 5k I was able to ask my future running coach, Coach Kristy some questions about my taper plan for the week. She also told me she wanted me to put out a hard effort for this race so we could use it as a gauge for SeaWheeze Half Marathon training in August. Therefore, she wanted me to take it easy so my legs could rest for the race.

Brian and I went down to the city to pick up our bibs and walk around the expo. I couldn’t believe this is my 5th year running this race. I was excited to run hard and push myself.

I was glad I was in the green corral, I have been every year so far so I am starting to feel comfortable there. But the race shirt was pretty much the same shirt from 5 years ago so that was a little upsetting. But a race shirt is a race shirt.

We woke up at 4:30am to get ready, let the pup out and feed her, and then drive down to the city. We parked at the stadiums and took the Broad Street Line up to the start. We wanted to make sure we got on the train early because it fills up quickly and wanted to make sure we got a seat for the 30 minute ride to the start so we could rest our legs. I ate my pretzel bagel from Wegmans when we got to the start. I personally feel a bagel keeps my stomach full enough to run the race strong.

I was anxious for the race to start and new I had to run hard for Coach Kristy to evaluate where my fitness is currently.

I didn’t set out with a goal time in mind honestly, I just wanted to run as hard as I could to show Kristy where I was fitness wise so we could start training for my sub-2 half marathon attempt. 

My favorite corral.
The weather was perfect for the race it started off in the 50s and increased to the 60s by the end of the race with a light breeze. Therefore, I knew I could push myself a bit harder due to the prime conditions and my asthma wouldn’t be a problem in those conditions.

I started off with an 8:45 or so first mile and kept that pace till mile 7 when my legs started to give out a bit and I was honestly starting to have a difficult time breathing. But the pace was a 9:00 pace for miles 7, 8, and 9 then for mile 10 I pushed it to a 8:55 mile. I was glad I was able to finish strong under the 9s. The pace felt easy and difficult at the same time which was perfect for me. I was glad I was keeping it well because that was my goal pace for the race.

I was really surprised with how fast the miles were passing by. I didn’t feel that the race was dragging at all. I enjoyed the Philly atmosphere and the spectators cheering as well as reading all the hilarious signs.

I finished with a 1:29:31 which was 18 seconds off of my PR from 2015 being a 1:29:13. I was so excited with how I ran. I didn’t feel disappointed about missing my PR at all because to me this was my first real hard comeback race since my meniscus surgery last May.

Brian ran really well as well. He didn’t PR but enjoyed the atmosphere of the race and had fun!

I love that we can run these races together.

Those splits make me smile!

After the race, we stopped at Pizza Hut and got a large pan pizza which is one of my post race traditions. I would usually eat the whole pizza throughout the day but now I don’t mind sharing it with my husband.

I can’t stop looking at this medal without smiling. I have worked hard this training cycle and feel good with my process this year.

I highly recommend running this race if you have a Bucket List 10 Miler or want to come visit Philadelphia.

Friday Faves

Sparkly Soul Dots!

I just became a Sparkly Soul Ambassador this year and I am so excited to represent this amazing company. I love their headbands and I recommend them to everyone I know that works out. They don’t slip out of your hair as well as cute and fashionable. Sparkly Soul always comes out with new styles and fun themes for their headbands and recently they came out with a DOT collection! Check it out at their website. 

img_8728Hydrate Spark 2.0 Water Bottle

I have been realizing that I wasn’t keeping myself hydrated throughout the day. One of my Instagram friends was having the same problem and she wrote a blog post about this new water bottle that lights up and tracks your water in take.

After begging my husband to let me order it because let me tell you, it isn’t a cheap water bottle it is about $60. But I believe it is worth the investment if you want to get your hydration game in gear.

Ever since the bottle came to my house I have been drinking so much water I can’t believe it! I feel a lot better too.

Reunion with Messiah Women’s Lacrosse

Last summer, I had the opportunity for FCA to serve at our national FCA Lacrosse Camp. I was assigned to work with the huddle leaders (camp counselors) and pour into them spiritually. I was so excited when I heard some of the girls would be playing at a local Philadelphia university and had to go surprise them!

I love FCA reunions. They are so sweet! Good luck to these MC Lax in the rest of their season!

What have you been into lately?


2017: Week 14 Recap

Week 7 of training for the Delaware Half Marathon and Broad Street Run.

Monday, April 3rd

4.5 miles on the trail – honestly, I really wanted a flat run. It was quiet and very calming.img_8536
Tuesday, April 4th

4.5 miles throughout my friend’s neighborhood.


Wednesday, April 5th

7 miles with shorts and a t-shirt! Such a nice spring day!


Thursday, April 6th

Was planning on going to run club it the weather was to unpredictable with storms approaching. So 4 miles on the treadmill it was. 

Friday, April 7th

Rest Day

Saturday, April 8th

50 minutes on the ellipical 

Sunday, April 9th
12 mile long run and helped pace my buddy Kate for part of her 30 miler.

How are your workouts going?