2017: Week 25 Recap & SeaWheeze Half Training Week 5

Week 5 of Project 1:59! Last week was a solid week of training and I was so excited about my time and performance at the Super Hero Showdown 15k despite the weather conditions and hilly course. I went into this week with more determination to make sure I nailed my work outs.

Monday, June 19th

Took an extra rest day.

Tuesday, June 20th

5 miles at an easy pace with 5×30 second striders at the end.

Enjoyed my miles during the Conshy Running speed work. 

Wednesday, June 21st

1 mile warm up, 3x 1600 meters with 400 meter recovery, then a 1 mile cool down = 5.8 miles 

Thursday, June 22nd

4 easy miles that felt like I was running a hard pace because of the humidity! Ugh!

Friday, June 23rd

Did my 13 mile run do to leaving for camp Saturday.

Saturday, June 24th
Rest Day

Sunday, June 25th

Early morning 6:00am 4 mile run before training.

Super Hero Showdown 15k Recap

I signed up for this race back in March to INITIALLY run as a fun race in June because I am passionate about the cause the race is benefitting. The race is benefitting this girl named Taylor, who has a rare disease called MAST Cell Activation Disorder and she has started an organization called Super T’s Mast Cell Foundation, Inc. a non-profit organization providing medical and living expenses to those living with the rare disease. The reason why I am so passionate about this race is the girl, Taylor, was a leader in FCA at her local high school, Upper Merion High School. She was leading her senior year and then had to stop coming to school because the symptoms of the disease that she has wasn’t diagnosed yet and sadly kept her from living her dream of attending college at Messiah College.

So here I am signed up for a race support an awesome cause and I was using it as a benchmark to see how my training is going for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon and Project 1:59.

Addie (a girl who leads FCA in my area and is a runner) decided to run the race as well so we went to pick up our bibs on Thursday.

Flat Lisa was ready to go!


I picked up Addie at 6:00am and we drove to Norristown Farm Park. The park is the place I did my 12 mile long run last weekend. We met up with another one of my students named Kate who was also running the 15k. She had run her first half marathon 2 weeks prior and was excited to run another one and get another piece of bling added to her new collection.

Kate was going to dress up as Wonder Woman then decided not to last minute.

We were waiting for the race to begin and we spotted this amazing truck!

The race started at 8:00am and it was cloudy and humid the whole race. They were calling for thunderstorms and thankfully it didn’t rain during the race except for a little spit towards the end of it.

The 15k was two loops around Norristown Farm Park. It was a little frustrating because the 5k and 15k both started at the same time so it was difficult to stay on the pace that my coach had set out for me to do which was a 9:00 minute pace. I am grateful that I was smart enough to know to slow down my pace because I had started out a bit to fast the first half mile.

The middle of the first loop at mile 4 had one HUGE STEEP hill that was so difficult to get up, I took the advice my coach said and just got up the hill, recovered, then settled back into my pace. Thankfully after the hill there was a nice wooded trail that had a great decline where you were able to feel comfortable and speed back up. Then you looped back toward the start up another hill and went around the loop a second time. The huge hill ended up being at mile 8 during the second loop and I honestly wanted to die. I just kept telling myself to get up and it then the rest of the race was smooth sailing. So that is what I did. Thankfully during the last hill that headed toward the finish I got a nice push up it.

I finished with an official time of 1:24:02 which is a solid 4 minute PR which I was totally excited about. I was a bit upset when I realized I got 4th in my age group so I just missed placing, but it was by 2 minutes so there was no way I was going to be able to catch up to the 3rd place finisher. But I was the 8th overall female finisher as well, so that gave me a smile too!


I was so excited that I was able to run the race with these girls and spend some time with them. I can’t wait to see where running takes them and how they learn and grow from the challenges it brings (and the joy!). 


What race are you running next? 


Grad party, race, bachelorette party, & Father’s Day!

This weekend was jammed packed. Honestly, I normally don’t like my weekends being SOOOO busy, but it was full of all good things, so I can’t really complain.

Friday night I attended a graduation party for one of the field hockeys I coached the past 4 years, Allie. I am so excited for her next adventure to Syracuse University!

Got to love sisters wearing matching orange rollers. 

I can’t believe I won’t be coaching a Zubyk lady this fall and I can’t believe I won’t be coaching with my fall besties either!

It was a great night catching up with multiple people. I’m going to miss my DC family this fall. 

Saturday morning I ran the Super Hero Showdown 15k! It was humid out and they were calling for thunderstorms which thankfully held off. See my Recap once I post it for more details!

Saturday night I was able to go to a Bachelorette Party for my former roommate, the one I lived with before I got married. We lived together for 2 years then I got engaged so we had to go our separate ways, but she is getting married in July and I am so happy for her and excited to be apart of her celebration!

We are dinner at a local Main Line restaurant then went to an Escape Room! It was my first time doing one! It was so fun!

Sunday was a relaxing day, thank goodness. I had an easy recovery run to do then Brian and I went to church. And we celebrated Father’s Day! 

We drove to central New Jersey to see Brian’s dad for Father’s Day since my dad is in Germany. We had a cook out and played monopoly. 

We also went to try out the new ice cream shop that was built.

Lola got a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

They ran out of chocolate chip cookie dough so I got their Cookie Monster ice cream instead. It was cookie dough with Oreos and it was blue!

Lola loves her Grampy!

Then we spent the rest of the day at home getting ready for the week ahead.

What did you do this past weekend? How was it?

2017: Week 24 Recap & SeaWheeze Half Training Week 4

Week 4 of Project 159 is complete! Thankfully in my opinion this was a pretty easy training week because I had a race at the end of it, so my coach did not give me any speed work to do this week. The speed work would have occurred in on my birthday so I was happy I didn’t have to do that.

Monday, June 12th

Rest/Active Day: Walked 2 miles on the treadmill and took Lola on a nice walk outside.

Tuesday, June 13th

4 easy miles in the crazy heat with Conshy Running.

Wednesday, June 14th

Happy Birthday to me!!!! 5 easy Birthday miles with striders afterwards.

Thursday, June 15th

4 easy miles with Conshy Running on the Schykull River Trail. I had a difficult time keeping my run easy because of everyone at run club going so fast. I kept telling myself, “Run slow to get fast.” 

Friday, June 16th

Rest Day

Saturday, June 17th

Super Hero Showdown 15k!!!! 

1:24:02 – 4th in Age Group – 8th Overal Female

Sunday, June 18th

3 VERY EASY miles as a shake out run post Super Hero Showdown 15k.

Did you race this weekend? How did it go?

Friday Faves: Birthday Edition 

Well, I turned 34 years old this past Wednesday. I wanted to show you all some of the presents I got.

Sarah Marie Design Studio: hubby gifts

Run all the miles eat all the donuts t-shirt

I can’t wait to wear this shirt while on a trip to Devon Donuts!


Netflix & Treadmill t-shirt

I love this shirt because who can run on a treadmill these days without a Netflix binge? I typically watch Gilmore Girls!


I’d Rather Be Running t-shirt

This is the perfect shirt for Rest Day! Because what runner enjoys rest day!? Well, I know I do but it is difficult to not get out and go for a run.


2) Sarah Marie Design Studio: gifts to myself with birthday money

Logo Tank

This tank is so comfy. I can’t wait to wear it for my 15k race this weekend! Got to represent!

logo pic

Runner Girl Gang Bag

I love the bag. I am taking it to run club tonight. It is very simple, which I appreciate and it honestly can be used as the perfect beach bag as well. I will definitely be using it as my gym bag and travel carry on bag this summer!

Duffel_grandeKinda Wanna Run Kinda Wanna Stay in Bed Sweatshirt

I can’t wait to wear this sweatshirt around the house or even on our flight to Cancun in a couple weeks because I am always cold! It is so comfy and cozy! I highly recommend getting one of her sweatshirts!

Kinda_Wanna_Go_For_a_Run_21e90a84-f854-4b86-90cf-4f772c948185_grande3) Oiselle – I ordered my first ever bird mail!

Cleo Tank

I have been dying for some cute running clothes because I feel like all of mine are from races, coaching, or college athletics. Nothing feminine at all (if that makes sense). So tank is a nice touch to my running clothes collection. Haven’t received it yet but can’t wait to try it out.

The Frontcleo_tank_snap_f_5

The Backcleo_tank_snap_b_5

Woman Up Tank

I am excited about this tank because it is such a great representation of the running community at the 2016 Marathon Olympic Trials.



What are you into lately?


2017: Week 23 Recap & SeaWheeze Training Week 3

This was my third week of training for Project 1:59. Last week was a bit rough due to my camp schedule. But this week I was more diligent about my times and pace so my legs don’t get burnt out.

Monday, June 5th

Took an extra rest day due to being on my feet all weekend, they needed some TLC.

Tuesday, June 6th

Easy 5 miles with 30 second striders afterwards.

 Wednesday, June 7th

Speed day! 1 mile warm up… 3x 1 mile with 400 meter recovery… 1 mile cool down. Total 5.75 miles

Thursday, June 8th

Easy 4 miles on heavy legs, they definitely needed a rest day! 

Thankful I work up at 4:50am to run with my running buddy!

Friday, June 9th

Rest day! Much needed!

Saturday, June 10th

12 miles around Norristown Farm Park to prep for my 15k race there next weekend. Ran 7 with my friend, Kate, and 5 solo.

Sunday, June 11th

Helped out at the ODDyssey Half Marathon mile 2 water stop with my Conshy Running buds. 

4 easy miles around the Boathouse Row portion of the Schykull River Trail. 

Did you have any races this weekend?

2017: Week 22 Recap & SeaWheeze Training Week 2

Here it is, week 2 of Project 1:59. I keep reminding myself I need to trust my coach and my training plan. Knowing that race day will have its challenges but that I am strong enough to overcome them. Trust is key.

Monday, May 29th – Happy Memorial Day!

No running work outs planned by my coach but I was told to do something likely active. But I decided to take an extra rest day.

Tuesday, May 30th

4 miles at an easy pace with 5x 30 second strides at the end.

The run club crew

Wednesday, May 31st

Long run day due to the fact that I would be away at FCA camp this weekend and it would be difficult to get a large amount of miles done.

10 miles with hills at Valley Forge Park = 2 full loops! It was humid and ugly!

Thursday, June 1st

4 easy miles on the Chester Valley Trail before heading off to FCA camp.

Celebrated National Donut Day a day early since I was at camp and wouldn’t be able to grab one.

Friday, June 2nd

Rest Day

Saturday, June 3rd

4 easy miles around the camp with tons of hills.

Sunday, June 4th

Speed day: 4×800 meters at 8:15 pace with 400 meter recovery.


When I got home from camp I saw my hubby and the pup walking home with the new Handel’s ice cream oreo-dough after my work out. Definitely ate some for dinner.

How were your work outs this week? Any races you are training for?