Coffee Chat: July 2017

Summer officially was in full swing this month! I was done with all my large FCA events this summer and was able to take some time to relax and catch up on other work.

What I am drinking: coffee with Almond milk French vanilla creamer 

What I am eating:
turkey bacon and eggs 

Races I’ve ran this month: None – still training for Project 1:59

Races I am training for: SeaWheeze Half Marathon on August 12th

This training cycle I have been working with Coach Kristy from Run the Long Road Coaching. She has helped me stay focused on my speed workouts so I would feel comfortable at my projected half marathon pace as well as taught me I was running to many days in a row.

I love it when I get to run with friends! So thankful my friend Jenn joined me for a hilly 8 miles as I went on to finish the full  13 one Saturday morning.

Books I’m reading: I finished reading Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham while we were on vacation.

I am currently reading through a couple other books. I have Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld and I am really enjoying it. Hopefully I will finish it as we travel to Vancouver.

I also want to start How Bad Do You Want It? it has been a really popular book amongst my Runner Girl Gang on Instagram so I of course needed to join the bandwagon. I’m not like that all the time but it seemed like everyone was loving on this book so I just felt I needed the push as well.

Events we celebrated: The 4th of July! We took Lola to a local town picnic and she wore a cute little hat and got tons of pets from all those around her.

Our 2 year wedding anniversary!

We were in Cancun and were able to relax all day at the pool reading! We went out to a nice dinner at the resort.

Where we traveled: We went to Cancun for a 5 day vacation/getaway.

The ocean view.

Loved the sunset along the bay.

Our plans for the rest of the summer: We are flying to Vancouver, British Coloumbia to run the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon which is the race I am hoping to break a sub-2 half marathon!

How was your July? How is your summer going? Anything planned for the end of the summer?

2017: Work out Recap Week 30 & SeaWheeze Half Training Week 10

Here we go! So close to race day! I can’t believe it.

Monday, July 24th

Rest day because my knee was bothering me.

Tuesday, July 25th

4 easy miles on the trail with Kate and Amy. We had a confrontation with a gnarly biker and we were rehashing it and I couldn’t stop laughing.

After we settled down.

The running club crew.

Wednesday, July 26th

1 mile warm up, 5 miles at half marathon pace (9 minutes), and a 1 mile cool down. 

Recap of my splits. 

Post run coffee. 

Thursday, July 27th

4 easy miles with the run club crew.

Friday, July 28th

Rest day.

Saturday, July 29th

15 mile run along the Schykull River Trail in the city 

Sunday, July 30th

4 mile easy recovery run.

How did your workouts go this week?

2017: Workout Recap Week 29 & SeaWheeze Half Training Week 9

This week the hubby and I were on vacation in Cancun. Even though we were on vacation training didn’t stop. The hubby is training for the Philadelphia Marathon and I am still taking on Project 1:59. 

So here goes my recap of my vacation workouts. 

Monday, July 17th

Rest and travel day to Cancun for vacation

Tuesday, July 18th

Easy 4 miles down the main road in Cancun 

And happy 2 year anniversary to my hubby!!!

Wednesday, July 20th

Decided to take another rest day. Plus my coach said I could because I was on vacation.

Thursday, July 21st

4 easy miles from the resort to downtown Cancun and back. 

Views from my run

It was a sweat fest!

Friday, July 22nd

Rest day and travel day back home to Philly!

Saturday, July 23rd

We stayed at my in-laws Friday night so we could pick up Lola because they were watching her while we were away. So I got my long run/speed work out done in their neighborhood! 

2 mile warm up, 3 miles at 9:00 minute pace (half marathon pace), and a 2 mile cool down.

Sunday, July 23rd

4 easy miles around the neighborhood

How are your work outs going???

2017: Work Out Recap Week 28 & SeaWheeze Training Week 8

Wow! I just finished Week 8 of Project 1:59 training! I am less than 30 days away from race day! It gives me chills! I honestly haven’t had a real solid goal since I started running besides finishing the race. So to attempt a goal that is totally attainable for me but will be hard is making me a bit nervous. But I am so thankful for my Coach for has been encouraging and challenging me throughout the way. 

Now here are my workouts for this week.

Monday, July 10th

Rest day

Tuesday, July 11th

6 easy miles along the trail with Conshy Running 

The run crew for the evening.

Wednesday, July 12th

Mine warm up, 1 mile at 9:00 pace then 1 mile at 9:30 pace repeat two times, then 1 mile cool down to total 6 miles for the day. 

The result of a Philadelphia heat wave.

Thursday, July 13th

Was supposed to do 4 easy miles with the run club but a storm started to brew and needed to take my miles to the treadmill.

Friday, July 14th

Rest day

Saturday, July 15th

14 miles around the Schykull River Trail in Downtown Philadelphia. 

Sunday, July 16th

4 easy miles around the neighborhood 

How did your workouts go this week?

2017: Workout Recap Week 27 & SeaWheeze Training Week 7

Hope you all had a great holiday week!

I can’t believe I am a little over a month away from my attempt to break 2 hours in the half marathon.

Monday, July 3rd

Rest day

Tuesday, July 4th


6 easy miles on the Chester Valley Trail

We walked to a local park for some festivities. It seemed like Lola enjoyed herself.

Wednesday, July 5th

1 mile warm up followed by 25 minutes at 9:00 minute pace and cooled down to equal 6 miles.

Thursday, July 6th

4 easy miles on the treadmill because of the monsoon that hit Philly!


Friday, July 7th

Rest Day

Saturday, July 8th

8.5 miles with my friend Jenn and fellow Nuunie then I finished the last 4.5 miles solo of my 13 mile run for the day.

Sunday, July 9th

4 recovery milesimg_0937

Coffee Chat – June 2017… a few days late

Sorry this is a few days late! The end of June was pretty busy with FCA camp!

What I am drinking: Nuun Hydration Wild Berry Energy in water.

What I am eating: A triple chocolate Federal Donut because the hubby went to November Project Philadelphia this morning and stopped by there on his way home for a treat.

Races I’ve ran this month: I ran the Super Hero Showdown 15k and I placed 4th in my age group as well as a 4 minute PR!

Races I am training for: Still training for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon on August 12th in hopes to break 2 hours in the half marathon.

Things we celebrated: My 34th birthday!

See my birthday edition of Friday Faves to see what I got for my birthday!

Books I’m reading: I have to admit I’ve been so busy with work stuff that I’ve been slacking on my reading game.

I am still reading The Long Run and I have started How Bad Do You Want It? by Matt Fitzgerald. I know I am late to the game on this book but I was waiting for a prime time to read it. Hoping to dive into it more on vacation in a little more than a week!

What has kept me busy: I have been away for a total of 11 days this month. First, for our FCA Leadership Camp and then for our FCA Kutztown Sports Camp. I have a pretty large leadership role for the camps as I am in charge of all the female camp counselors. So I have to do a lot of training and loving on the girls which I have to admit I LOVE to do but it is tiring!

All of our amazing counselors at Leadership Camp!

The girls basketball counselors I poured into throughout the week!

Our Summer Plans: Well FCA Camp is over! So summer has slowed down a bit. We are heading out on vacation to Cancun to do NOTHING for 5 days! 

To say I am excited is an understatement! I am so blessed to have a hubby how knows that I need some down time. We are definitely excited to chill out for a few days.

2017: Week 26 Recap & SeaWheeze Training Week 6

Entering about the halfway point of my training for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon. This week was a bit laid back due to being at FCA Kutztown Camp. I was on my feet a ton and my legs were constantly tired and sore. So here is what I did this week.

Monday, June 26th

Rest Day

Tuesday, June 27th

4 miles around Kutztown with Liz Wigs

You can tell from the pace our legs were pooped!

Wednesday, June 28th

I talked to my coach and we decided the next two days would be rest days. My legs were so tired they wouldn’t be able to handle a well run speed workout. 

Thursday, June 29th

Rest day

Friday, June 30th

6 miles total

1 mile warm up, 1 mile at 8:50 pace then 1 mile at 9:10 pace (repeat 2 times), then 1 mile cool down. 

Saturday, July 1st

Rest day

Sunday, July 2nd 

7 miles around Valley Forge Park early in the morning.

Rehydrated with Nuun afterwards. 

How are your workouts going?