UVF SAAC 5k Race Recap

If you don’t know I work for a sports ministry that influences athletes and coaches on a daily basis. One of the campuses I love going to is the University of Valley Forge because I am really close with their Women’s Basketball Coach and some of the players. A few of the players are involved with a campus organization called the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee which deals with issues athletes have on their college campuses and community service activities. Well, this particular committee is holding a 5k race to benefit Project Purpose in Pottstown, PA.

These basketball players know I love to run, so naturally they asked me to participate and I couldn’t pass it up. I have to admit, this is the first time I truely raced a 5k in a while because I am usually not fond of them. But I am anxious to see how I do and to see if I can PR after the summer of training I had. Even though I have taken a bit of a break from speed work the last 2 months I am still interested to see how this race turns out.

I had a hard time picking a race outfit because it was going to be a bit misty and in the mid-50s. I decided to go with a complete Lululemon outfit.

When I got to the race site which was at the University of Valley Forge and running through Charlestown Park. I was excited to see one of the teachers I know from one of the local schools I am involved in running the 5k too. 

Thankfully, I wasn’t nervous about the race at all. I used to get a lot of race anxiety but I have tried to take my mind off the race and just talk to people and have fun. The buzzer went off and I definitely started out in the front and started out at my 5k race pace of 8:00 minute pace. I was planning on starting out a little bit more conservatively but of course I didn’t out of excitement. The beginning of the course was flat through the university but then you headed into the park and it got hilly! Ugh, hills! The entire 2nd mile was through the park and it was up and down the whole time. I honestly was dying, my pace slowed to a 8:30 minute pace for the last two miles. I felt I was having an asthma attack but I refused to give up. I wanted to push myself and I wanted to PR. I knew I was capable of it and I didn’t want to settle.

I crossed the finish line in 26:27 which was a PR of over a minute! I couldn’t believe it! I had an 8:21 average pace and I finished 2nd overall female and 1st in my age group of 30-39.

The girl in the picture below, her name is Teelah and she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. We honestly were battling it out the entire race. This was the first time I felt I was in battle with someone during a race. I went into this race knowing that due to the  amount of runners that were there I could definitely pace in my age group, but honestly I saw Teelah and I thought, “Crap, she is in my age group. She is sure to beat me!” Well, she passed me right after the 1 mile mark because we had hit some hills. She was ahead of me for a little bit but we hit a flat portion through the university at the beginning of the 3rd mile and I pulled ahead of her. But I was grateful we were in it together pushing each other to be better.

This is the first time I had officially placed in a race and I was super excited even though the field was low. The last time I almost placed was the Super Hero Showdown 15k in June when I placed 4th in my age group. I was so disappointed that I had just missed a podium finish. So during this race, when I realized I could place I refused to settle for anything less. 

These two athletes have amazed me with their growth an maturely the past 3 years. I was so proud to support and represent the athletic department during the race. Here is to a new 5k PR! 

2017: Workout Recap Week 41

Monday, October 9th

4 miles on the treadmill and lifting/rolling.

Tuesday, October 10th

5 miles on the trail.

Wednesday, October 11th

Rest Day.

Thursday, October 12th 

4 miles on the treadmill and lifting


Friday, October 13th

3 miles easy on the trail.

Saturday, October 14th

UVF SAAC 5k in a time of 26:27

2nd female overall • 1st female in my age group • over a minute PR

Sunday, October 15th

Rest Day

Marathon Jealousy 

This past weekend I saw tons of my runner friends from Instagram run a marathon. Most of them ran Chicago, but some were Steamtown, and another in New York. I have also been helping my new runner friend Cait, who I met because we have the same Running coach and we both PRed at SeaWheeze so we bonded over that! Well, Cait is training for the Philadelphia Marathon and it is her first full! I am so excited for her to experience that race as it was my first full as well back in 2015.

img_3924If you don’t know I have run two full marathons. In November of 2015, I ran the Philadelphia Marathon which was my first marathon. I honestly finished the race and said, “Never again.” 

Well, I lied. I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon that next May and ran it in October 2016. Luckily I had recovered from my spring meniscus surgery to start training for the Marine Corps Marathon in time.

  The point of this entire post is that after my meniscus surgery, my orthopedic surgeon high suggested that if I want to keep running for as long as I can than I should forgo running anymore full marathons after Marine Corps. That decision was mainly made due to the fact that afternoon having an ACL surgery in November 2005, another one in the same knee in August 2007, and then my meniscus surgery in May 2016 I developed some major arthritis  in my right knee. Hence why he suggested no more marathons. I have been fine with that decision because I much rather be running longer than push my knee to do more marathons and then have to cut out of running earlier than I would want.  Again, I was fine until this past weekend, I am not training for a marathon, I have been training for multiple half marathons but I have started to miss the challenge of the marathon. I feel like I am missing out. So it has been a weird feeling.

My friend Cait who I have been training with made a good point during one of our runs. I may not be able to run another full but I am helping someone train for her first full, which is totally true. So I try to remember that and it brings me joy. I am actually excited to do the Philadelphia Half Marathon on November 18th and then cheer on my hubby, Cait, and who bunch of other friends running the full marathon on November 19th. 

But I do hope to someday run the Boston Marathon (as a charity runner) or even the New York City Marathon. But, it is not going to happen in the near future. But for right now I am will encourage and cheer on my friends in their full marathon journeys and continue to work towards my goal of running a half marathon in all 50 states. That is the new goal I made for myself since I am no longer to run anymore fulls. 

I am done my marathon jealously rant. 

Good luck to everyone that is racing this weekend! 

Koala Clip Review

So I came across this item through one of my Instagram running friends, its call the Koala Clip. To put it bluntly it is a pouch that you can slip your phone into and hook onto your leggings/shorts or your sports bra while you run.

The creator of the Koala Clips describes it as: A pouch to put your phone into while you run. It has a magnetic close to secure it.  There isn’t any jiggling, adjusting or annoyance. You clip it and forget about it. The inner layer is sweat and water-resistant. The outer layer is a technical fabric to never feel weighed down. The zipper closure keeps everything secure on the go.

The Koala Clip is hand sewn in Rochester, New York but a passionate runner who bought a sewing machine in order to create a better option than armbands and waist belts.

The Koala Clip currently comes in these 6 colors and you can purchase it for $20 at her Etsy Shop, 

I was so excited when my Koala Clip came in the mail, I couldn’t wait to go out for a run! I was excited to get a note with it as well.

I’ve taken it with me on my runs this week and I am obsessed!

I have to admit since I have an Otterbox phone case when I first got my Koala Clip in the mail I was afraid it wouldn’t fit in the regular clip and I should have asked for the plus clip. But it fit! Thanks goodness! 

The Koala Clip rested snuggly inside my sports bra and I didn’t even know it was there while I was running. The one kind of disgusting thing is that when I was done running the Koala Clip was wet or drenched from my sweat but it kept my phone DRY!

An example of what the Koala Clip looks like when wearing a tank top. 

An example of what the Koala Clip looks like wearing a sports bra. 
 The below picture is just an example of the Koala Clip outside of your sports bra. I honestly don’t recommend wearing it that way because it doesn’t hold your phone secure but I just wanted to give you another view of it. 


The Koala Clip is definitely one of my favorite running accessories now! I highly recommend this proud for anyone that wants to run hands free and isn’t a fan of the belts. I have always used a belt but there were times it would slip up off my shorts onto my stomach and that would bother me, so this was the perfect fix! BUT, I also love to use my Simple Hydration Bottle which is a hands free water bottle that also fits in my sports bra or my shorts/leggings. I usually put the bottle in my sports bra too, but if I am wearing a pair of bottoms that are snug on my hips then I can put my water bottle there and the Koala Clip in my sports bra. But I haven’t had that problem yet since recently I have been running with my handheld bottles instead. But like I said, I will have to make some changes but they are all positive!

If you would like to order the Koala Clip you can visit her Etsy Store here.

2017: Workout Recap Week 40

Monday, October 2nd

5.72 miles around my old neighborhood. It was so refreshing! 

Tuesday, October 3rd

4 miles on my favorite trail

Wednesday, October 4th

Rest day due to an all day staff meeting in Lancaster.

Thursday, October 5th

1 mile with Girls on the Run

4 miles with Erin at Conshy Running

Friday, October 6th

Rest day due to a knotty feeling in my butt that I was afraid was going to lead to a hamstring issue. So I rested instead of easy miles.

Saturday, October 7th

12 miles on the Chester Valley Trail with Cait starting at 5:00am! We are starting to love these early morning long runs!

Sunday, October 8th

Rest Day

Congrats to all my friends who completed the Chicago Marathon!

Coffee Chat – September 2017

September was a bit of a crazy month and some adjusting. I am not coaching high school field hockey but I am coaching a little group of 6th graders on a travel team and started coaching a Girls on the Run group! It has been so fun but crazy busy! But here we go!

What am I drinking: Blonde Roast Coffee from Starbucks

What am I eating: A Lenny & Larry’s Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

What races I’ve run: I ran the Ocean City NJ Half Marathon. This was my 3rd state in my quest to run a half marathon in all 50 states.

It was a hot race! A lot of people did not finish (DNF) which made me sad, but I am glad that I ran a smart race and finished strong! Check out my race recap here. 

What races I am training for: The Philadelphia Half Marathon on November 18th just before Thanksgiving. I have been helping some of my friends who are running the Philadelphia Marathon with their training long runs which has been a blast! Even though I can’t run another full marathon at least I can live it through my friends’ training!

Races I cheered at: 

I had never cheered on a big race before! But my husband got a last minute bib for free to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon, so I went into the city with him to cheer on my friends that were running the race.

I was so proud of my friend and mentor, Mandy, for finishing her first half marathon! I had been pressuring her to run a half marathon for years! I am so glad she finally gave in! She did a great job and I was so excited that I was able to run part of the last leg of the race with her before she headed up the little hill to the finish line. 
What am I currently reading: I am still reading How Bad Do You Want It? Hopefully I will finish it soon!

What podcasts I am into: I have been obsessed with podcasts ever since I finished my SeaWheeze training. I have a few podcasts that I have been listening to that I highly recommend for runners!

The Ali on the Run Show

Run, Selfie, Repeat

C Tolle Run

Check those out and let me know what you think! I honestly feel like all three women are some of my besties on the run now!

What I did for fun: This was my first fall in 6 years that I wasn’t coaching high school field hockey. I was sad about the transition, but excited for the mental break and bit of freedom. But my friend Chyncia who I was coaching with asked me to coach a 6th grade travel team with her that required minimum commitment and of course I said, “YES!” It has been so fun to be coaching together again!

We even get to wear pink!

Chyncia and I were reunited with Katie the other part of the trio from my high school coaching days a few weeks ago! Katie had moved so we haven’t seen each other since the early summer so it was nice, although it was brief, it was amazing to be back together again! We have been through so much together that even though we are connected for a short time we feel like reunited sisters.

I was able to go to Temple University to watch on of the athletes that volunteered at camp with me this past summer play some field hockey! I am so glad the Bison won!

Yes, if you haven’t noticed some of my September has been full of field hockey and that is totally ok with me. Field Hockey has been a huge part of my life and I am so happy when I get to spend some time enjoying the sport, whether it is playing, watching, cheering, or coaching!

How was your September?

2017: Workout Recap Week 39

Monday, September 25th

Rest Day post Ocean City New Jersey Half Marathon

Tuesday, September 26th

4 miles on the Chester Valley Trail on some heavy legs. 

Wednesday, September 27th

4 miles around the neighborhood on some heavy legs again!

Thursday, September 28th

1 mile with Girls on the Run

4 solo miles

2 miles with Incline Running and Lululemon Ardemore. Total was 7 miles.

With sweaty puppy kisses when I got home.

Friday, September 29th

3 easy miles on the trail.

Saturday, September 30th

10 miles with my Lululemon friend Cait on the Chester Valley Trail. Cait was doing a 16 miler in prep for the Philly Marathon so I ran part of her run with her. 

Sunday, October 1st

Rest Day

How were your workouts this week?