Coffee Chat: January 2018

What I am drinking: Starbucks Blonde Roast with half and half, 3 Splenda, and a sprinkle of cinnamon in my refill cup!


What I am training for: I completed the Lululemon Strava 40|80 Challenge for the second year in a row! You can check out my Recap here.


Getting my badge in my email after a run with my lemons made me so happy.


The Love Run Half Marathon on March 25th: I originally wasn’t going to run this half, I ran it 5 years ago which was the first time they had this half marathon and it poured down rain. Ever since then I’ve refused to run it. But a bunch of my lemons are running it and I decided to do it too. Plus it is the hubby’s birthday weekend so he wanted to run the race to celebrate.

What races I’ve run: I haven’t run any races in January. Which is totally fine with me. I have been enjoying the process of winter running and can’t wait for it to get warmer!

What books I’m reading: I finished How Bad Do You Want It? This book was really good in the beginning. I loved it and had a hard time putting it down. But once I got to the middle of it I got a bit bored.

I started You are a Badass by Jen Sincero which I have been pushing through quite well once I can sit down and actually get a few pages in. I am about a quarter of the way through the book right now but Jen is definitely entertaining and keeping my attention! I have been loving every second of the book and I do have a hard time putting it down. To bad I am always sleepy when I start to read!


What I’m watching: This past weekend the hubby and I started watching The People vs OJ Simpson on Netflix. I have been obsessed with it and on Sunday pounded through 3 episodes and didn’t want to stop watching. It is taking all my effort to not continue without Brian. I remember every ounce of that case because it took place in 1994 and I was in 4th grade at the time (I know I am aging myself right now). But I’m addicted.

I honestly refuse to get on the This is Us bandwagon. I am in one to be into sappy shows. I know it has a lot of relatable situations happening in the show but once I hear that everyone is crying at the end of every episode it makes me not want to watch. Sorry if it makes me sound insensitive I just don’t want to cry at the TV.

New habits: I have been trying to journal for 20 minutes each day, I have always been a journal but I have a difficult time being still. This new habit has been allowing me one quiet time to process life and digest situations as well as spend some alone time with the Lord. I have been loving it and it has been allowing me to feel better about where I am in life and not feeling so unsure about life.


What were you up to this month?

2018: Workout Recap Week 4

Monday, January 22nd

Orange Theory hill intervals day!

3 miles total on the treadmill

Tuesday, January 23rd

4 miles around the neighborhood

Wednesday, January 24th

4 miles in between meetings

Thursday, January 25th

Woke up with a horrible headache and decided that I needed a rest day to relax.

Friday, January 26th

Yoga and rest day from running

Saturday, January 27th

Easy 4 miles around the neighborhood

Sunday, January 28th

12.6 miles in the misty rain with my friend Kate.

Lululemon Strava 40|80 Challenge 2018

For the second year, Lululemon teamed up with Strava for a winter running challenge. The goal is to run either 40 km (25 miles) or 50 km (50 miles) in two weeks. The one detail I missed last year was that all runs needed to be outside. Ugh! Last year I had done two short runs on the treadmill and they didn’t count towards the challenge. So this year, I wanted to make sure I ran every mile outside to meet the 50 miles needed for 80 km.

The lululemon I work at in the King of Prussia Mall teamed up with a local running club I also belong to; Conshy Running for a group run during the challenge. If it wasn’t so cold that morning, literally in the teens temperature wise I think we would have had a lot more people come. But it was so fun running with my new lemon friends.

We all headed out onto the Chester Valley Trail together and I’m glad I was able to hang out with some of my lemons! We played games and laughed so hard, I love this group of motivational people!

This was the day I finally reached my 50 mile mark (80km). I had run 5 miles before the group met up with Cait then another 3 with the lemons.

I was excited to get my achievement in my email!

After our group run we hit up Founding Farmers for brunch! So fun to hang out with some lemons outside of the store!

This week all the runners who completed the challenged received their prize from lululemon. The prize was 25% off at the store when you buy anything at full price. Looking forward to seeing some running friends come in to claim their prize!

2018: Workout Recap Week 3

Monday, January 15th

Cross training day means Orange Theory Day!

Tuesday, January 16th

4 miles on the CVT with the hubby.

Wednesday, January 17th

4 miles on the treadmill during a gym date with the hubby

Thursday, January 18th

4 miles on the treadmill, wasn’t in the mood to bundle up!

Friday, January 19th

Rest day but went to yoga to get my stretch on!

Saturday, January 20th

Took a rest day because I was on my feet all day at lululemon and I felt like my knee needed a break.

Sunday, January 21st

10 miles on the Perk Trail with my friend Kate.

2018: Workout Recap Week 2

Monday, January 8th

5 miles around the neighborhood before the freezing rain hit.

Tuesday, January 9th

4 miles on the trail

Wednesday, January 10th

5 miles around the neighborhood

Thursday, January 11th

4 easy miles – 1 with Cooper the dog and 3 solo

Friday, January 12th

Rest day but went to yoga!

Saturday, January 13th

3.14 miles around the neighborhood early in the morning.

Sunday, January 14th

5 miles early in the morning with Cait then 3.1 miles with the lemons along with Conshy Running.

I was able to finish my 50 miles for the Lululemon Strava Challenge too!

2018: Workout Recap Week 1

Monday, January 1st

Happy New Year’s Day!

4.4 miles around Wayne

Tuesday, January, 2nd

The start of the Lululemon Strava 40|80 challenge.

4 miles to start off the challenge in the chilly weather!

Wednesday, January 3rd

5 miles in the chilly weather. I ran from my house to the local high school and back.

And I was jumping for joy because I ran negative splits!

Thursday, January 4th

4 miles during the snow bomb cyclone.

Friday, January 5th

Rest day

Saturday, January 6th

4 miles in the really chilly weather around the neighborhood

Sunday, January 7th

Orangetheory Fitness with my Lululemon pals before church

Ran 5 miles around my old neighborhood then went to yoga

Coffee Chat – December 2017

Here is what happened in December!

What I’m drinking: coffee from my free Starbucks coffee mug.

Races I’ve run:

Girls on the Run 5k: I ran this race at the beginning of the month with the girls I have been helping train for a 5k. Some of them had run a 5k before and some hadn’t. Each girl had a buddy that they ran with and I ran with a girl named Caroline who was a speedy girl! She actually got a burst at the end and finished 10 seconds before me. I was really proud of her and it was great because the course was pretty flat!



The Ugly Sweater Run 5k: The hubby decided to sign us up for this 5k that we ran last year in the sleet and snow! It was a lot of fun but super cold and wet! I definitely wanted to do it again but wasn’t sure if we should spend the money.

What I am training for: 

Currently need to work on my 2018 race schedule. Want to try and add in more of my 50 state half marathons.

New activities I’ve tried:

Orange Theory Fitness has been an amazing way to cross train. I have been trying to go once a week. It’s a combo of running intervals, rowing, and weight training.

Fun activities I’ve done: Well, a lot of the activities are Christmas related because that is the holiday we celebrate.

The first activity we did was cut down our Christmas tree.

On a Sunday afternoon we went into the city of Philadelphia for our annual Christmas date. We drove into the city and walked around the Christmas Village around City Hall for a little bit, drinking mulled wine from Chaddsford Winery and eating some German food such as a large pretzel and a Nutella pastry puff.

After we walked around the Christmas Village we headed to our dinner date at The Dandelion. We really enjoyed our time there for dinner. It a similar feel to another restaurant near our house that we love but is to expensive to go to often. The Dandelion was definitely affordable and we were seated in the “dog room” which we enjoyed sitting in. For dinner, the hubby ordered the Duck Pot Pie that he loved and thought tasted delicious and I had the burger (which is usually what I order).

The weekend before Christmas I traveled down to Fredericksburg, Virginia for my friend Blair’s baby shower. She currently lives in Canada and is from Virginia so I hardly get to see her so this was a great opportunity!

What I got from Santa:

The hubby got me some stuff from Sarah Marie Design Studio!

My in-laws got me some stuff I’ve been dying for as well.

What did you do in December? How did you celebrate your holiday season?