2018: Workout Recap Week 6

Monday, February 12th

Yoga day

Tuesday, February 13th

4 miles around the neighborhood.


Wednesday, February 14th – Happy Valentine’s Day!!

6 miles total around the neighborhood.


Thursday, February 15th

4 miles on my favorite local trail.


Friday, February 16th

Switched my long run so I could get it down without any stress this weekend.

10 miles total – 5 on the treadmill (was avoiding the rain) and 5 outside.


Saturday, February 17th

Rest day post long run.

Sunday, February 18th

Was going to be a recovery run day, but I was so tired from the weekend I needed to sleep. So rest day it was!

Eagles Parade

It’s been a week since the major parade celebration down Broad Street to the Art Museum to celebrate the Eagles winning the Super Bowl! I have to say I have been so proud to be a Philadelphian since the Super Bowl and I am so proud of this team! The representation they have had and sharing their faith in Christ has been remarkable.

A couple days after the Super Bowl, the city scheduled to have the celebration parade in the city. I had missed out on the Phillies World Series Parade because I was living in Memphis, Tennessee at the time. I watched the parade on my computer during work and honestly didn’t feel left out of the festivities. But this time, EVERYONE was talking about it! It was almost all anyone could think about! It honestly was driving me a bit crazy because I know how I am – I would be tired and cranky because the people at the parade would be inappropriate and annoying at times. Therefore, I wasn’t planning on attending.

But, due to the fact that I thought I would have major FOMO (Fear of missing out). I decided to make the trek down to the Eagles parade in the city. I wasn’t one of the people to get a day pass on Wednesday because I was honestly still uncertain as to weather or not I was going to attend. I honestly would have been perfectly content staying at a local bar watching it on the TV.

But a friend of mine really wanted to go and after talking to with a co-worker we decided on a plan that I honestly liked better than a bunch of the initial plans. I honestly, refused to go into the city at 4:30am. I just couldn’t justify waking up that early, besides I don’t even wake up early than 4:00am for a race or a flight (at least rarely).

I drove to meet my friend Kim at her house and we grabbed Starbucks before we headed to East Falls to meet with my co-worker. We ate breakfast there and then walked the 3 miles from her house to the Art Museum. I was glad to get that walk in because I didn’t get in a run in due to the craziness of the day. While walking down the Schykull River Trail we ran into a bunch of college kids, who were really excited to get to the Art Museum.

When we got to the Art Museum it was fenced off! We couldn’t get in and we had to walk around and find a spot in the craziness of all the people. We waited and pushed ourselves in line for a port-a-potty that was disgusting! But then we found a place after a lot of pushing through the crowds.We were trying to find another one of my co-workers who was in the front by a statue at the Art Museum, but we couldn’t get to him because the crowds were SO BAD! So we hung out and talked and waited for the parade to start.

Honestly, when the parade finally reached the Art Museum which is where it ended and they were having a ceremony we had been standing for about 3 hours! Oh my gosh, it was crazy and honestly a bit tiring. Also, because I am short (5’2″) I couldn’t see anything! I couldn’t even see the buses coming by with the players on them. That was really disappointing that I waited for 3 hours and couldn’t see a thing.

At the end of the day, I am glad I was able to experience they mayhem of the day and the celebration. I am not sure if I would go again if the Eagles win. I would probably watch it from home. Thankfully they had the parade on reply with the speeches so I was able to watch it and the speeches.

Sorry if you are an Eagles fan and you you don’t like my post. I just didn’t have a good time and I honestly didn’t give all the details to the parade because I didn’t think it was important for the blog post!

2018: Workout Recap Week 6

Monday. February 5th

Rest day to celebrate the Eagles Super Bowl win!!!!

Tuesday, February 6th

Orangetheory endurance day!

Finished off with a cool down run.

5 miles total for the day!

Wednesday, February 7th

4 easy miles around the neighborhood in the rain.

Thursday, February 8th

Rest day due to attending the Eagles Parade! Did a ton of walking so I would consider it an active rest day!

Friday, February 9th

4 miles

Saturday, February 10th

12 miles early in the morning.

Sunday, February 11th

Rest day because I wasn’t feeling well.

2018: Workout Recap Week 5

Monday, January 29th

Rest day

Tuesday, January 30th

4 miles in the flurries

Wednesday, January 31st

Orangetheory Workout – my treadmill time below

Thursday, February 2nd

5 miles on one of my favorite trails

Friday, February 2nd

Rest day

Saturday, February 3rd

Due to the cold weather I switched my long run to Sunday. And to be honest I didn’t want to run in the cold and in the dark!

4 miles around the neighborhood

Sunday, February 4th

dance class with my lemons

Then 10 miles on the trail with Toni at a fast pace!