Coffee Chat – May 2017

Here is what has been going on in May…..

What I’m eating: a pretzel bagel from Wegmans

What I’m drinking: coffee with Coffeemate Vanilla & Caramel Creme creamer 

Races I’ve run: Broad Street Run 10 Miler and the Delaware Half Marathon

I missed my PR in the Broad Street Run by 13 seconds. The feeling was bittersweet as I wish I pushed myself harder but was so happy with my run as I felt that it was my first real comeback race since meniscus surgery last May. I just felt that during the fall racing season I was so focused on the Marine Corps Marathon that I wasn’t focusing to much on any other goal besides stability and staying injury free. 

The Delaware Half Marathon was the week after the Broad Street Run and my coach told me to run this race for fun. I am glad she told me that because my legs started off heavy and it was hills on hills. I am just thankful I finished with a 2:11:02. 

Races I’m training for: SeaWheeze Half Marathon 

This half marathon is my goal race to break 2 hours in the half marathon. I have been focused in on this goal and have joined Kelly Robert’s Project 1:59 initiative so that I can gain advice and support from fellow runners. I have also hired a coach for the summer to help me achieve this goal. 

What I am currently reading: The Long Run by Catriona Menzies-Pike

I haven’t had time to read for pleasure much lately so I am still stuck on the same book from my last Coffee Chat post. I am hoping to finish this book soon.

Summer plans: 

FCA Camps for starters! We have our Leadership Camp weekend the this weekend and our Multi-Sports Camp the last week of June. Needless to say, that once camps are over my summer calms down a lot! 

The hubby and I are going to Cancun on vacation over our anniversary and we also have our racecation to Vancouver for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon.

August will be a bit weird as this is the first time in 6 years I will not be going to field hockey preseason. It is a bittersweet feeling. I keep thinking about finding a part-time job somewhere, maybe Lululemon, but I am hesitate to just fill my time right away. 

How did May treat you?


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