Friday Faves – Trader Joe’s Edition 

So here are some things I have been into lately. 

Trader Joe’s Contemplates Inner Peas

One of the family I babysit on occasion had these in their pantry and I thought I’d try one and they were really yummy. I thought Brian would like them to but it turns out they were a fail for him. But I like them. They are a nice grab a couple as a snack type of food. 

Speculoos Cookie Butter

If you love gingerbread than this is the spread for you. I have to be honest, I love Nutella more but this I think is less calories than Nutella and I love just taking a spoonful out of the jar when I have my sweet tooth craving. I just have to be careful to not try to eat the whole jar. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkers

These are one of my favorite treats go along with my morning coffee. They have the Chocolate Chip Cookie flavor, Chocolate Chip Cookie with chocolate on the back, and a Cranberry version. 

Two Dunkers is one serving, you can dunk them real quick in your coffee and take them out and they become soft and melt in your mouth. Be careful not to leave them in your coffee to long or else they will fall apart and drop right in your drink. 

Gnocchi alla Sorrentina

I usually buy two bags of this yummy pasta dish because the hubby and I use them for carbo-loading and splitting the bag in my opinion isn’t enough for a meal. It really does hit the spot when you are carb-loading and the portion size helps you from over eating. 

Have you been to Trader Joe’s before? If so, what would you recommend?

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