2017: Week 22 Recap & SeaWheeze Training Week 2

Here it is, week 2 of Project 1:59. I keep reminding myself I need to trust my coach and my training plan. Knowing that race day will have its challenges but that I am strong enough to overcome them. Trust is key.

Monday, May 29th – Happy Memorial Day!

No running work outs planned by my coach but I was told to do something likely active. But I decided to take an extra rest day.

Tuesday, May 30th

4 miles at an easy pace with 5x 30 second strides at the end.

The run club crew

Wednesday, May 31st

Long run day due to the fact that I would be away at FCA camp this weekend and it would be difficult to get a large amount of miles done.

10 miles with hills at Valley Forge Park = 2 full loops! It was humid and ugly!

Thursday, June 1st

4 easy miles on the Chester Valley Trail before heading off to FCA camp.

Celebrated National Donut Day a day early since I was at camp and wouldn’t be able to grab one.

Friday, June 2nd

Rest Day

Saturday, June 3rd

4 easy miles around the camp with tons of hills.

Sunday, June 4th

Speed day: 4×800 meters at 8:15 pace with 400 meter recovery.


When I got home from camp I saw my hubby and the pup walking home with the new Handel’s ice cream oreo-dough after my work out. Definitely ate some for dinner.

How were your work outs this week? Any races you are training for? 

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