2017: Week 23 Recap & SeaWheeze Training Week 3

This was my third week of training for Project 1:59. Last week was a bit rough due to my camp schedule. But this week I was more diligent about my times and pace so my legs don’t get burnt out.

Monday, June 5th

Took an extra rest day due to being on my feet all weekend, they needed some TLC.

Tuesday, June 6th

Easy 5 miles with 30 second striders afterwards.

 Wednesday, June 7th

Speed day! 1 mile warm up… 3x 1 mile with 400 meter recovery… 1 mile cool down. Total 5.75 miles

Thursday, June 8th

Easy 4 miles on heavy legs, they definitely needed a rest day! 

Thankful I work up at 4:50am to run with my running buddy!

Friday, June 9th

Rest day! Much needed!

Saturday, June 10th

12 miles around Norristown Farm Park to prep for my 15k race there next weekend. Ran 7 with my friend, Kate, and 5 solo.

Sunday, June 11th

Helped out at the ODDyssey Half Marathon mile 2 water stop with my Conshy Running buds. 

4 easy miles around the Boathouse Row portion of the Schykull River Trail. 

Did you have any races this weekend?

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