2017: Week 24 Recap & SeaWheeze Half Training Week 4

Week 4 of Project 159 is complete! Thankfully in my opinion this was a pretty easy training week because I had a race at the end of it, so my coach did not give me any speed work to do this week. The speed work would have occurred in on my birthday so I was happy I didn’t have to do that.

Monday, June 12th

Rest/Active Day: Walked 2 miles on the treadmill and took Lola on a nice walk outside.

Tuesday, June 13th

4 easy miles in the crazy heat with Conshy Running.

Wednesday, June 14th

Happy Birthday to me!!!! 5 easy Birthday miles with striders afterwards.

Thursday, June 15th

4 easy miles with Conshy Running on the Schykull River Trail. I had a difficult time keeping my run easy because of everyone at run club going so fast. I kept telling myself, “Run slow to get fast.” 

Friday, June 16th

Rest Day

Saturday, June 17th

Super Hero Showdown 15k!!!! 

1:24:02 – 4th in Age Group – 8th Overal Female

Sunday, June 18th

3 VERY EASY miles as a shake out run post Super Hero Showdown 15k.

Did you race this weekend? How did it go?

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