2017: Week 25 Recap & SeaWheeze Half Training Week 5

Week 5 of Project 1:59! Last week was a solid week of training and I was so excited about my time and performance at the Super Hero Showdown 15k despite the weather conditions and hilly course. I went into this week with more determination to make sure I nailed my work outs.

Monday, June 19th

Took an extra rest day.

Tuesday, June 20th

5 miles at an easy pace with 5×30 second striders at the end.

Enjoyed my miles during the Conshy Running speed work. 

Wednesday, June 21st

1 mile warm up, 3x 1600 meters with 400 meter recovery, then a 1 mile cool down = 5.8 miles 

Thursday, June 22nd

4 easy miles that felt like I was running a hard pace because of the humidity! Ugh!

Friday, June 23rd

Did my 13 mile run do to leaving for camp Saturday.

Saturday, June 24th
Rest Day

Sunday, June 25th

Early morning 6:00am 4 mile run before training.

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