Ocean City (NJ) Half Marathon Race Recap 

Where do I begin! I sure was a HOT one! I went into this race knowing that the weather could be unpredictable. Yes, it is fall on the East Coast but sometimes we get random stretches of heat waves at the end of September that can make race day unbearable (at times). Therefore, since they were calling for a high of 90 degrees I made sure I hydrated on Saturday before the race.

I decided to represent Nuun during the half marathon. They also hydrated me in my Simple Hydration Bottle during the race as well.


The alarm when off at 4:30am so we could get on the road around 5:00am to drive to Ocean City, New Jersey. When I woke up Lola, who I am learning isn’t a morning pup, was laying like this on our bed.


We arrived in Ocean City around 6:30am and walked to the Music Pier on the boardwalk to get our race bibs and t-shirt.


We also watched the sunrise before walking back to our car to begin our race prep.


We got race ready at the car and stretched on the boardwalk with all the other runners and took pictures of course!

The race started at 8:30am which honestly was pretty crazy especially since half marathons usually start in the 7:00-8:00am range. Also, with it being a HOT day I wish it started a bit earlier.

The race was honesty mostly flat. You started off on a side road by a board walk entrance and ran down Wesley Street towards the Somers Point Bridge. The bridge was a total hill! You ran up the bridge hill, down it, was flat for a bit with a turnaround, then ran back up the hill and down again. Phew! Hope you followed that. But honestly, after the bridge the rest of the race was FLAT, so that was great!

The heat was brutal, there wasn’t any shade on the course. Once you got off the bridge you rounded onto a street then onto the beginning of the boardwalk and ran on there till it ended ran onto the street again for another turn around then back onto the board walk to finish by the Music Pier. 

I know going into the day that it was going to be a rough one. A lot of people DNFed (Did Not Finish) due to the heat, but I mad sure I stayed hydrated and didn’t worry about my speed or my finishing time. I had sub-2ed in my previous half marathon at SeaWheeze so I was content in taking this one easy. 

I feel bad for the runners that didn’t finish. But I also think it is a reminder to listen to your body and when it is so hot out you can’t push it. You may need to drop your expected place by a minute and a half. For example, my race pace is a 9:00 minute mile and I ran a 10:30 pace from mile 4 till I finished because I wanted to be cautious. 


The hubby made sure I got my Manco and Manco Pizza post race. I was honestly sad because I was looking forward to it all week and then when I got it I didn’t really want it. But I ate it anyway because I don’t get it to often. 


 I was really craving some Polish Water Ice post race due to the heat which was an amazing treat after! The cashier also gave me some of their soft serve ice cream because he saw my husband had an ice cream cone fro Kohr’s Brothers and said that people have mentioned that their ice cream is enter so we should compare. I forgot to ask his opinion though because the last thing I wanted after a hot and steamy half marathon was ice cream. 


I am excited to knock state #3 off my goal of running a half marathon in all 50 states!


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