Koala Clip Review

So I came across this item through one of my Instagram running friends, its call the Koala Clip. To put it bluntly it is a pouch that you can slip your phone into and hook onto your leggings/shorts or your sports bra while you run.

The creator of the Koala Clips describes it as: A pouch to put your phone into while you run. It has a magnetic close to secure it.  There isn’t any jiggling, adjusting or annoyance. You clip it and forget about it. The inner layer is sweat and water-resistant. The outer layer is a technical fabric to never feel weighed down. The zipper closure keeps everything secure on the go.

The Koala Clip is hand sewn in Rochester, New York but a passionate runner who bought a sewing machine in order to create a better option than armbands and waist belts.

The Koala Clip currently comes in these 6 colors and you can purchase it for $20 on her website: Koala Clip

I was so excited when my Koala Clip came in the mail, I couldn’t wait to go out for a run! I was excited to get a note with it as well.

I’ve taken it with me on my runs this week and I am obsessed!

I have to admit since I have an Otterbox phone case when I first got my Koala Clip in the mail I was afraid it wouldn’t fit in the regular clip and I should have asked for the plus clip. But it fit! Thanks goodness!

The Koala Clip rested snuggly inside my sports bra and I didn’t even know it was there while I was running. The one kind of disgusting thing is that when I was done running the Koala Clip was wet or drenched from my sweat but it kept my phone DRY!

An example of what the Koala Clip looks like when wearing a tank top. 
An example of what the Koala Clip looks like wearing a sports bra. 

The below picture is just an example of the Koala Clip outside of your sports bra. I honestly don’t recommend wearing it that way because it doesn’t hold your phone secure but I just wanted to give you another view of it.

img_8870The Koala Clip is definitely one of my favorite running accessories now! I highly recommend this proud for anyone that wants to run hands free and isn’t a fan of the belts. I have always used a belt but there were times it would slip up off my shorts onto my stomach and that would bother me, so this was the perfect fix! BUT, I also love to use my Simple Hydration Bottle which is a hands free water bottle that also fits in my sports bra or my shorts/leggings. I usually put the bottle in my sports bra too, but if I am wearing a pair of bottoms that are snug on my hips then I can put my water bottle there and the Koala Clip in my sports bra. But I haven’t had that problem yet since recently I have been running with my handheld bottles instead. But like I said, I will have to make some changes but they are all positive!

If you would like to order the Koala Clip you can visit her Etsy Store here.

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