Marathon Jealousy 

This past weekend I saw tons of my runner friends from Instagram run a marathon. Most of them ran Chicago, but some were Steamtown, and another in New York. I have also been helping my new runner friend Cait, who I met because we have the same Running coach and we both PRed at SeaWheeze so we bonded over that! Well, Cait is training for the Philadelphia Marathon and it is her first full! I am so excited for her to experience that race as it was my first full as well back in 2015.

img_3924If you don’t know I have run two full marathons. In November of 2015, I ran the Philadelphia Marathon which was my first marathon. I honestly finished the race and said, “Never again.” 

Well, I lied. I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon that next May and ran it in October 2016. Luckily I had recovered from my spring meniscus surgery to start training for the Marine Corps Marathon in time.

  The point of this entire post is that after my meniscus surgery, my orthopedic surgeon high suggested that if I want to keep running for as long as I can than I should forgo running anymore full marathons after Marine Corps. That decision was mainly made due to the fact that afternoon having an ACL surgery in November 2005, another one in the same knee in August 2007, and then my meniscus surgery in May 2016 I developed some major arthritis  in my right knee. Hence why he suggested no more marathons. I have been fine with that decision because I much rather be running longer than push my knee to do more marathons and then have to cut out of running earlier than I would want.  Again, I was fine until this past weekend, I am not training for a marathon, I have been training for multiple half marathons but I have started to miss the challenge of the marathon. I feel like I am missing out. So it has been a weird feeling.

My friend Cait who I have been training with made a good point during one of our runs. I may not be able to run another full but I am helping someone train for her first full, which is totally true. So I try to remember that and it brings me joy. I am actually excited to do the Philadelphia Half Marathon on November 18th and then cheer on my hubby, Cait, and who bunch of other friends running the full marathon on November 19th. 

But I do hope to someday run the Boston Marathon (as a charity runner) or even the New York City Marathon. But, it is not going to happen in the near future. But for right now I am will encourage and cheer on my friends in their full marathon journeys and continue to work towards my goal of running a half marathon in all 50 states. That is the new goal I made for myself since I am no longer to run anymore fulls. 

I am done my marathon jealously rant. 

Good luck to everyone that is racing this weekend! 

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