Coffee Chat: January 2018

What I am drinking: Starbucks Blonde Roast with half and half, 3 Splenda, and a sprinkle of cinnamon in my refill cup!


What I am training for: I completed the Lululemon Strava 40|80 Challenge for the second year in a row! You can check out my Recap here.


Getting my badge in my email after a run with my lemons made me so happy.


The Love Run Half Marathon on March 25th: I originally wasn’t going to run this half, I ran it 5 years ago which was the first time they had this half marathon and it poured down rain. Ever since then I’ve refused to run it. But a bunch of my lemons are running it and I decided to do it too. Plus it is the hubby’s birthday weekend so he wanted to run the race to celebrate.

What races I’ve run: I haven’t run any races in January. Which is totally fine with me. I have been enjoying the process of winter running and can’t wait for it to get warmer!

What books I’m reading: I finished How Bad Do You Want It? This book was really good in the beginning. I loved it and had a hard time putting it down. But once I got to the middle of it I got a bit bored.

I started You are a Badass by Jen Sincero which I have been pushing through quite well once I can sit down and actually get a few pages in. I am about a quarter of the way through the book right now but Jen is definitely entertaining and keeping my attention! I have been loving every second of the book and I do have a hard time putting it down. To bad I am always sleepy when I start to read!


What I’m watching: This past weekend the hubby and I started watching The People vs OJ Simpson on Netflix. I have been obsessed with it and on Sunday pounded through 3 episodes and didn’t want to stop watching. It is taking all my effort to not continue without Brian. I remember every ounce of that case because it took place in 1994 and I was in 4th grade at the time (I know I am aging myself right now). But I’m addicted.

I honestly refuse to get on the This is Us bandwagon. I am in one to be into sappy shows. I know it has a lot of relatable situations happening in the show but once I hear that everyone is crying at the end of every episode it makes me not want to watch. Sorry if it makes me sound insensitive I just don’t want to cry at the TV.

New habits: I have been trying to journal for 20 minutes each day, I have always been a journal but I have a difficult time being still. This new habit has been allowing me one quiet time to process life and digest situations as well as spend some alone time with the Lord. I have been loving it and it has been allowing me to feel better about where I am in life and not feeling so unsure about life.


What were you up to this month?

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