Lululemon Strava 40|80 Challenge 2018

For the second year, Lululemon teamed up with Strava for a winter running challenge. The goal is to run either 40 km (25 miles) or 50 km (50 miles) in two weeks. The one detail I missed last year was that all runs needed to be outside. Ugh! Last year I had done two short runs on the treadmill and they didn’t count towards the challenge. So this year, I wanted to make sure I ran every mile outside to meet the 50 miles needed for 80 km.

The lululemon I work at in the King of Prussia Mall teamed up with a local running club I also belong to; Conshy Running for a group run during the challenge. If it wasn’t so cold that morning, literally in the teens temperature wise I think we would have had a lot more people come. But it was so fun running with my new lemon friends.

We all headed out onto the Chester Valley Trail together and I’m glad I was able to hang out with some of my lemons! We played games and laughed so hard, I love this group of motivational people!

This was the day I finally reached my 50 mile mark (80km). I had run 5 miles before the group met up with Cait then another 3 with the lemons.

I was excited to get my achievement in my email!

After our group run we hit up Founding Farmers for brunch! So fun to hang out with some lemons outside of the store!

This week all the runners who completed the challenged received their prize from lululemon. The prize was 25% off at the store when you buy anything at full price. Looking forward to seeing some running friends come in to claim their prize!

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