Bird in Hand Half Marathon Recap

I signed up for this race last spring as my gauge for the Marine Corps Marathon. I would usually run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon but this time I wanted to switch it up and try a different race. 

On Friday, I headed up to the race expo in Amish country. The expo was completely outside under a huge white tent, I quickly just went in got Brian and my bibs and crossed the street to the Farmers Market. I bought us a bunch of whoopie pies. 

How could I resist? 

We arrived at the race around 6:00am, we sat in the car a little bit because the humidity was already so high so we were trying to stay cool.

People were getting the hot air balloons ready to take off just before the race. It was so fun seeing them blow them up. 

I decided that Brian and I have to do a hot air balloon ride sometime.

The view was awesome of them all in the air before the start of the race.

It was great to run into two of my college field hockey teammates before the start.

Lauren played on the forward line with me at Eastern.

Joelyn was an amazing goalie. I could always trust her when she was in the cage.

Seeing the hot air balloons in the air was so fun!

The heat and humidity was definitely a huge factor in this race. Thankfully they added extra water stations and ice chests to cool off throughout the race. 

The scenery around the race was so beautiful to be able to look out on the Amish farms was incredible. Not to mention all the water stations were run by sweet Amish families, who could resist taking a cup of water or Gatorade from a little Amish kiddo!?

The course was definitely hilly, but I started off the race pretty strong. I was shocked with how fast I was going. I honestly felt pretty good prior to the massive hill at the middle of mile 7. I could barely run up it my legs were so tired! 

After the hill, I felt that I gained myself back a bit but last 2 miles of so of the course was changed from previous years to run through a farm. It was awesome to be able to enjoy the lifestyle of the area but was hard to run through the grass field. But when I got out of the field and made the turn down the street and through the shoot I was proud of what I accomplished this race. I finished in 2:16:26 which was slower than my original goal but given the weather and my first race backlist surgery, I am happy. 

The hubby had a great race too! 

My favorite post race meal! 

I am definitely excited to say I have one of the top ranked coolest medals by Runners World! 

It has been good to reflect on how far I have come since I first started running in 2012. I never thought I would find running so enjoyable and something I crave to do every day. 

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