Long Road to Boston: Book Review

I’ve had the craving to read recently. I used to read mostly books of a faith based nature but I have been craving running books. Running has become one of my deepest passions over the past year, below my faith in Jesus. I’ve been reading books about people’s documented running journeys or stories. An Instagram friend posted a couple books she was reading and one of them was, Long Road to Boston by Mark Sutcliffe.

Mark is a journalist who didn’t grow up as a runner. He ran a marathon and realized that he could qualify for the Boston Marathon if he worked hard at it. He hired a coach and documented his 2 year journey toward the Boston Marathon.

He talked about all the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice it took for him to qualify for the Boston Marathon. It also showed me that if you are dedicated to a goal and are willing to work hard for it nothing can stop you from achieving it.

If you are someone that craves reading books about personal running stories this a a good book for you to read. I have dreams of running the Boston Marathon when I read books like this they inspire me more and more. Also, if you need some encouragement that you can reach your goals this a good book for you to read.



2017: Week 8 Recap

And finally! Time to start training for a new race season!

Monday, February 20th

3.24 effortless miles

Tuesday, February 21st

3.14 miles on the Radnor Trail with negative splits again!

Wednesday, February 22nd

3 miles around the neighborhood

Thursday, February 23rd

2 miles per-Conshy Running group then 4 miles with Conshy Running

Friday, February 24th

3 EASY recovery miles around Wayne.

Starting to learn that I need easy miles after a bunch of hard ones.

Saturday, February 25th

Rest day

Sunday, February 26th

Rest day

I was babysitting all weekend so it didn’t leave a chance for me to run Saturday especially since Sunday is normally a rest day for me. 

Friday Favorites!

1) Kelly Roberts Podcasts

This girl is hilarious! If you don’t know her yet you should check out her blog Run, Selfie, Repeat.  She is definitely an inspiration and has a tell-it-like-it-is attitude which I love about her. She definitely doesn’t sugar coat her struggles but is so encouraging too! Check out her Podcasts on iTunes and subscribe!

2) Run Fast Eat Slow: Super Hero Muffins

After seeing everyone on Instagram rave about this new book by college teammates Shane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky I begged the hubby to buy it for me and he did!

I was reading through the book on the way home and I decided that I immediately needed to make the Super Hero Muffins for breakfast/pre-run meal. They were really easy to make except finding Almond Flour was a bit difficult to find at the store but I found it and I was happy!

Each batch makes 12 muffins. But check out the book and buy it! It will be worth it (I think).

3) Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon

My husband won us free entries into the race through Instagram. This race has been on my bucket list but never really wanted to pursue it because it sells out quickly. But we are IN! So we are in the process of planning our race-cation and we are VERY excited.

If you have run SeaWheeze before please send us any tips or information about Vancouver!

4) Handels Ice Cream

We moved into our new house a few weeks ago and we live right around the corner from this awesome ice shop that makes its own homemade ice cream.

Lola loves going to there before she can get a pup cone.

We are so obsessed that this past weekend we had 60 degree weather in February in Philadelphia so we went Saturday and Sunday to get ice cream!

Brian got a chocolate chip cookie dough sundae.
I got chocoholic chunk, dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks!

Lola loves Handels’ so much that she goes up to the counter and orders her pup cone herself. They find it quite cute.

What have you been into lately?

Finally, My 2017 Race Plan!

It took a while but I think I finally figured out and sort of finalized my race plan for 2017!

The last few weeks have been kind of mundane at least since I ran the Philly Half Marathon. I wasn’t signed up for any races after that but I had thoughts in mind of what I wanted to run in 2017.


First, I wanted to start my goal of running a half marathon in all 50 states. I figured since I finished the Marine Corps Marathon with that being my final roll at the 26.2 miles that there was no better time!

I obviously have Pennsylvania already checked off the list. But the first state I am going to tackle in my 50 state quest is the FIRST STATE OF DELAWARE! Thats right y’all I am going to run the Delaware Half Marathon on May 14th. This half marathon comes the week after the Blue Cross Broad Street Run 10 Miler. I did a happy dance when I received the email confirmation last week that the hubby and I were both selected in the lottery.


Second, my husband won us entries into the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon on August 12th. So we will be taking a racecation to Vancouver, British Columbia for our first international race.

After SeaWheeze, I plan on running the Ocean City (NJ) Half Marathon to check off state number 3 on my list! And also run the Philadelphia Half Marathon the weekend before Thanksgiving. I may run in the Marine Corps 10k because the hubby is planning on running the Marine Corps Marathon again since he feels he needs to tackle the course again because last year didn’t turn out the way he would have hoped.

Fingers crossed that I stay uninjured in 2017. I am honestly not setting any real goals except to enjoy this year’s races.



2017: Week 7 Recap

Monday, February 13th

3.14 miles on the treadmill 

Tuesday, February 14th

3.1 miles easy then 4×400 @ 9:00 pace with .25 rest in between and lifting.

Wednesday, February 15th

3 miles at Wilson Farm Park

Thursday, February 16th

5 miles with Conshy Running on the Schykull River Trail

Friday, February 17th

Rest Day

Saturday, February 18th

5 mile run at Valley Forge Park

Sunday, February 19th

Rest day 

It was a beautiful 60 degree day in Philly so we took the pup to the dog park and lots of walks outside. Also, walked to get ice cream and a pup cone for Lola. 

Brian and I start training for our spring races on Monday: the Broad Street Run 10 Miler and the Delaware Half Marathon. 

How were your work outs this week?

We are Homeowners!

My husband and I have been looking for a home since the end of the Marine Corps Marathon. We had been looking fairly actively because we felt that we had out grown our apartment and honestly, Lola needed more room to run and play. She was getting quite antsy in the small apartment.

We had actually put an offer on a house just before Thanksgiving and we had to turn away from the house due to the results of the inspection. I had gotten attached to the house and was very disappointed about walking away. But we knew that God had a plan and we were going to trust Him to provide us the right and perfect house for our family’s needs.

Ironically, the week after Thanksgiving we went for a house search with our realtor and we found the house that we put on offer on that weekend and now OWN!

The house has a nice backyard that we need to fence part of so Lola can run around and play freely and be her doggy self. The house is great for hosting people and I am so excited to have gatherings in our little home.

I have gone on a few runs through the new neighborhood and getting used to the new area. It is pretty hilly at the beginning of my run but then I start to have negative splits toward the end of my runs.

Anyway, we are VERY excited to be homeowners and begin this new journey with our family. Well, Brian, Lola, and I so far (no babies yet).


2017: Week 6 Recap

First full week in the new house!

Monday, February 6th

4.13 miles around the neighborhood

Tuesday, February 7th

Rest Day

Wednesday, February 8th

3.26 miles at 10:32 pace around the neighborhood.


Thursday, February 9th 

3.34 miles at 10:34 pace through the snowy neighborhood!


Happy National Pizza Day!!!! To bad we had pizza on Wednesday night, I got the days mixed up!


Friday, February 10th

4 miles on the treadmill 

Saturday, February 11th

8 miles for my long run this week.

The trail was mostly clear with. Few icy patches. It was awesome to see other runners out there waving and saying hi to each other.

Sunday, February 12th

Rest Day

How did your workouts go this week?