Cancun was one of the best vacations I ever had, I am so grateful that my hubby put this trip together for us. It was definitely what we both needed after a long hard year. I just wish the trip wasn’t four days, wish it could have been longer, but then maybe I would’nt have wanted to leave even more! 

We spent most of the trip relaxing by the beach and by/in the pool. The pool was heated and I would just swim in there all day and relax. But as I was laying around I read the entire book Boston Bound by Elizabeth Clor. I will be writing a review on the book later on. It was great to read through 2 entire books and start a third. 

Brian and I bought these cups at the gift shops called bubbas. We had them in our hands the entire time, they were constantly filled with water, coffee, or some fun fruity drink. 

As you can tell I was really excited to have my bubba filled with coffee while I enjoyed a good read on the beach! 

The next day after a full day of relaxing we took a boat tour and had the opportunity to go snorkeling! It was so fun toe hang out on the boat even though we got burnt and we had great company to with new people we met on the boat. 

Snorkeling was so cool. I had a hard time breathing through the snorkel tube so I had to just use the mask and hold my breath under the water. 

We were really sad to leave this relaxing paradise and head back home to our normal lives, but we were so glad that we were able to enjoy a nice quiet vacation together and grow closer to each other. Thank you Lord for an awesome husband. 

Book Review: The Average Girl’s Guide to Living an Above Average Life

I have been following Heather on Instagram and reading her blog for the past 2 years. She has been a light in my life and encouraging to me because she is around my age (a 30 something), runner, and mommy. Well, I’m not a mommy yet but she continues to encourage me in the fact that I can still do everything I love AND be a mom (in the future). 
Heather recently wrote and short book and I have to admit I was so excited when she announced it on Instagram! I couldn’t wait for the release date to come and I quickly volunteered to get the word out for her. 

I love how the book is titled, “The Average Girl’s Guide to Living an Above Average Life.” I hate the word average sometimes, I feel it dictates that we should all be the same and not excel to be better or excellent at the gifts that God has given us. Through out the book she is able to break down different areas of our lives, as women, that we feel we may need some fixing. This was a great book for me to read because as a wife/newlywed (been married a little over 1 year now), a woman in full-time ministry, a friend, daughter, runner, adventurer, puppy mommy, and blogger I really felt I need to straighten up some areas of my life. The book also was only 60 pages so I was able to zip through it on the plane to Cancun with the hubby.

I love how Heather put her own southern flair throughout the book and admitted that she doesn’t have it all together either but is a continued work in progress just like we all are. I have to admit I love her frequent use of “y’all” it made me feel like I was having a conversation with her over coffee. She is very relatable and if you are a woman who needs help trying to figure out how to put some pieces of your life back into order this book is a quick and easy way to get on track. Heather also summarizes each chapter at the end so you can easily reference back to highlight certain parts as reminders. 

Thank you Heather for opening up and writing your thoughts down on paper. I am truly grateful for your wisdom and friendship (even though it is mostly through social media). If you would like to check out Heather’s Blog click Here.

You can buy her book by clicking Here!

Fall 2016 Race Schedule and Goals

After my meniscus surgery in early May, I felt like my fall race schedule was going to be altered a bit. Thankfully I am able to keep the races that I have on the docket. I really wanted to add another but at this point in time not sure if that is going to happen so I am starting to make my goals for the spring. 

I was going its this fall hoping to PR in the half marathon but due to recovering my times have been a bit slower. So I haven’t set my time goals to high this fall except to just finish the races. 

Here are my goals and races for the fall of 2016:

Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon: I was so excited to finally run this race! This will be my first race outside of the city of Philadephia. Rumor had it the race had a killer a killer medal! Blingtastic!!!! 

I originally was going into this race hoping to get a PR but that was before my meniscus surgery. 

The medal was really cool and a cute Amish girl handed it to me. 

Marine Corps Marathon: This is my second FULL marathon and I have to say I am a bit nervous. I don’t understand why I signed up for another full when I really didn’t feel exhilarated after the Philadelphia Marathon last November. 
But I had the itch to do one more. My training has been going well, but the closer I get to race day the more I conclude that this is my 26.2 my knee can’t take it. So I will stick to half marathons. 

Philadelphia Half Marathon: This is my 6th year running this race but 5th as the half marathon because last year I did the full marathon. I am excited to go back to running the half marathon but was one of the many sad runners to find out that they altered the course map for both the half and full marathons. They are making the half marathon route run more though Fairmont Park, which is where most of the Philly races are run through, so a lot of us Run 215 people are very upset. Some are even asking for refunds because of it. 

I was going into this race hoping to PR but since it is only a few weeks post the Marine Corps Marathon I don’t think that will be an option. My legs will still be recovering. But I am excited to be apart of this event for the 6th year! 

I am excited for the next two races and I am excited to go for my new goal of running a half marathon in all 50 states. More on that goal in another post. 

What are your goals for this fall? 

2016: Week 30 Recap

Week 5 of marathon training is here and the hubby and I are on vacation in Cancun the end of the week. So, with that in mind we are hoping to get in as much of our training as possible while still being able to relax. 

My initial plan was: 

  • Monday: 3 miles
  • Tuesday: 6 miles
  • Wednesday: 3 miles
  • Thursday: 6 miles
  • Friday: rest or cross training 
  • Saturday: 12 miles (long run) 
  • Sunday: rest 

Monday, July 25th

I wanted to wake up and do an early run but because of a really bad storm from Sunday night I wasn’t able too. So I want to the gym to try out their Woodway Treadmills because it was to darn hot to go outside. 

3.18 miles done!

All I have to say about the Woodway treadmill is that I found my new best friend! I ran on it comfortably with no knee pain! I felt like I was gliding! I highly recommend this treadmill to anyone with nagging injuries, such as myself. 

Tuesday, July 26th

6.12 miles on the Woodway treadmill again at the gym. The temperature outside is crazy, it’s way to hot to hit the pavement. Please cool down soon!

Wednesday, July 27th

3.12 miles before 6am! It was difficult to get out of bed but worth it in the end. 

Thursday, July 28th

Travel day to Cancun, Mexico for a brief vacation! 

We just wanted to get to the resort and begin relaxing. Therefore, it was a rest day!

Friday, July 29th 

We woke up and relaxed the whole day partly on the beach reading then lounging in the pool the rest of the day. 

Wanted to get a run in but felt all the swimming I did in the pool was a good workout. 

Saturday, July 30th 

The hubby and I weren’t able to get a run in because we were on a boat tour all day. We did quite a bit of swimming when we returned to the hotel and walking around an island. 

Sunday, July 31st

Wow! We are definitely sad to leave Cancun, our vacation was amazing and very relaxing. Wish we had one more day but back to real life tomorrow and get back into marathon training after our mini break. 

2016: Week 29 Log 

I was hoping this week would be a bit more consistent than last week. Thankfully I am done campus for the summer! 


  • Monday – cross training
  • Tuesday – 3 miles 
  • Wednesday – 6 miles 
  • Thursday – 3 miles 
  • Friday – 6 miles 
  • Saturday – 11 miles
  • Sunday – rest 

Monday, July 18th 

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to my handsome hubby! 

Started the day off with a 3 mile run before 6:00am 

Tuesday, July 19th 

Woke up and got another 3 mile run done before 6am. Gosh it feels good to get my run in first thing in the morning.

Afterwards, I treated myself to the new summer drink at Starbucks: Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato. It was amazing! Can’t wait to get it again!

Wednesday, July 20th

Mid-week 6 mile run. Needed to make a few stops but I am glad I got it done. 
Thursday, July 21st

Did some strength training before heading to meet the Conshy Runners for a run. It was great to see all my running buddies again. A nice 4 mile run on the SRT was what I needed. 

Plus it was the first run since surgery I didn’t stop. Progress, not perfection. 

When I got home from running club the book I won from Carlee McDot and Elizabeth Clor was in the mail! Can’t wait to dive into on vacation! 

Friday, July 22nd

I decided that this was going to be a rest day prior to long run Saturday. 

I was so excited to try out my first Herbalife shake this morning. So glad that Kallie and Abby recommended it to me as a breakfast option during lacrosse camp. Can’t wait to try the Cafe Latte flavor.

Saturday, July 23rd

Just over a 10 mile run for my longest run since surgery. I could have kept going for 11 but the hubby was done so I decided that was enough. 

We stopped at our favorite donut place afterwards. 

Post long run breakfast of champions. Not the most healthy option but their donuts are AMAZINGLY! 

Sunday, July 24th

Rest Day at home with the family. 

1 Year Anniversay Weekend

I came home from FCA Lacrosse Camp last Thursday and my husband had already started our anniversary celebrations! He is so sweet! Since the 1st anniversary is the paper anniversary he bought me a book that I was eyeing up at Barnes and Noble. It is Lauren Graham’s first book and I am stoked to read it on our vacation to Cancun next week.

On Friday, since I was still not feeling well and recovering from camp we decided to hit up Chipotle for lunch. The multiple gift cards I had really helped too! I got my favorite a chicken burrito bowl.

Later on that night we went to the Lindsey Stirling Concert in Reading. She is an amazing dancing violinist.

Saturday morning I woke up late because I was still catching up on sleep from the camp drained. Needless to say I should have just gotten out of bed because that run was HORRIBLE!

Brian and I went to his parent house to visit and drop Lola off for them to watch her for the afternoon while we attended a birthday party.

His dad was really excited to spend time with the grand-pup that she was so tuckered out on the drive home.

She was out like a light, she even slept in on Sunday morning, we had to wake her up. Our little sleepy head. 

Sunday we went to church then we headed to The Movie Tavern to finally see the movie: The Secret Life of Pets. We have been looking forward to that moving for a while!

I got coffee chocolate chip!

On the way home Lola enjoyed her time at shot gun.

On our anniversary, July 18th, we went out to dinner at our favorite local restaurant, Christopher’s: A Neighborhood Place. I got my favorites spicy crab Mac & Cheese and Brian got the mussels in linguine.

We ate our wedding cake for dessert. This is what our cake looked like surrounded by all the amazing cupcakes!

Brian and I were shocked that the cake looked exactly the same and tasted yummy too!

I was so excited that the cake tasted exactly as it did on our wedding day one year ago! 🙂 Vanilla almond with a bit raspberry in there. Yum Yum!

At our wedding reception, we had these books on the tables as the Table Numbers and so we could read a nice note on each anniversary. We were very excited to read our first one!

It was a great first of many anniversaries! Love you Brian!

2016: Week 28 Log

Week 3 of marathon training has begun and I was at our annual FCA Lacrosse Camp at Gettysburg College for the majority of the week. Needless to say i got sick on Monday and didn’t get to train at all between the camp craziness and feeling awful, at night when I would have went for a run around campus, I opted for an early bedtime so I could function the next day. 

Week 3 training called for: 

  • Monday – Cross Training
  • Tuesday – 3 miles
  • Wednesday – 5 miles
  • Thursday – 3 miles
  • Friday – 5 miles
  • Saturday – 6 miles
  • Sunday – Rest Day

Monday, July 11th 

Woke up with a bad sore throat and stuffy nose at camp. Didn’t get a run in. 

Tuesday, July 12th 

Still felt sick and busy busy with camp, no run. 

Wednesday, July 13th 

Last full day of camp and was still sick. Blah! 

Thursday, July 14th 

Last day of camp, heading home back to Philadelphia and slept for a long time to overcome the sickness. Again, ugh, no run. 

Friday, July 15th

I really wanted to go for a run but was still feeling sick and felt like I should save my energy for a mild long run on Saturday morning. 

Saturday, July 16th

Woke up late because I just felt like I needed to sleep in more because I still was tired from camp. Bad idea. The heat was killer and I needed to take a ton of breaks but I got 6.35 miles done. 

Lesson learned: just get up and do the run before the heat in the summer. 

Sunday, July 17th 

Decided to keep with what I have on my training schedule and rest. Will begin next week fresh and consistent.