ODDyssey Half Marathon Recap

I was looking forward to this race all spring until my injury. I obviously knew that I wouldn’t be able to run it and I found out I missed the cut off for getting my money back so I found out that the expected finish time is 3:15 and the average mile pace is 15:00 minutes.

Therefore, I decided to WALK the race. I didn’t want to lose or waste my money


Thankfully I found out one of my Instagram friends, Jess, was injured and planning on walking the race as well. I was very excited that I was going to have a partner to walk to race with.

The one thing about the race that my hubby was looking forward to was the costume contest – so he made a homemade costume and went as “Marathon Man.”


“Marathon Man” is out to set a new PR!


The race began in front of the Please Touch Museum in Fairmont Park, which was honestly a nice change of pace because most of the general Philly races start in front of the Art Museum.ย img_4285

I had to take a selfie with “Marathon Man” before the race began!


I was so blessed to have met Jess before the Philadelphia Marathon in November. We have been friends on Instagram and Facebook for awhile and since we were both injured we decided to walk the race together. It was definitely nice to have a buddy to walk 13.1 miles with.


We finished in just over 3 hours which was definitely a humbling experience since we usually finish in the 2 hour mark. We learned that the people in what I will call the “back of the pack” are so sweet and kind. They were also very encouraging to us and it was awesome to see how they are working so hard to achieve their goal just like everyone else.

I was excited to finally earn an ODDyssey Half Marathon medal because they are known for their bling!


And of course I needed to get a picture with the hubby as he got a PR too! I am so proud of him!


One tradition I’ve had since I started racing in 2012, was to treat myself to a large cheese pizza after each race. Thankfully, the hubby allows me to continue this tradition. So we ordered a large deep dish pizza from Pizza Hut on the way home.


After devouring the pizza we laid around the rest of the day with the pup and took a nap.

I am sad this is our last race of the season till September 10th at the Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon as well as beginning to train for the Marine Corps Marathon!

2016: Week 23 Log

This week I got the greatest news! Keep reading to find out….. 

Monday, June 6th

Happy 7 month birthday to our fur baby Lola!

Bike and elliptical along with PT exercises. I got some arm strengthing in too.

I also did some arm weights and abs as well.

Tuesday, June 7th 

I stopped by my athletic trainer’s office to check in on my progres and he said I can start jogging next week! It my only be 1-2 miles slow but it’s better than nothing! 

Bike and elliptical done! 

Wednesday, June 8th

PT exercises at home along with 15 minutes on the bike and elliptical. 

Thursday, June 9th 

Bike and elliptical for 15 minutes each.

Friday, June 10th

Another day of PT exercises at home and then headed to the gym for the bike and I tried a new elliptical machine that was more like running! So excited to get back out and jog a little next week. 

Also, worked on my abs and did some arm strengthening. 

Saturday, June 11th

Rest day… Went into Philly to grab our bibs!!

Sunday, June 12th

ODDyssey Half Marathon – 13.1 miles of pure walking fun! Monday or Tuesday I can take my first jog!

Sore knee afterwards, will probably wait to jog till Tuesday. 

2016: Week 21 Log

Monday, May 23rd

Back from our long weekend away in Canada which means back to the gym! 

Tuesday, May 24th

Today was a bike and elliptical day only. 15 minutes was spent on these bad boys! 

Wednesday, May 25th 

A full physical therapy day with all the leg exercises, stretches, as well as the bike and elliptical for 15 minutes each. 

After the gym I had a coffee date with one of my favorite lacrosse coaches! 

Thursday, May 26th 

Bike and elliptical day only – along with some leg stretches! 

Friday, May 27th 

Completed my physcial therapy excerises at home then in the afternoon headed to the gym with the hubby to do the elliptical and bike. 

Saturday, May 28th

Took off.

Sunday, May 29th

Took off. 

2016: Week 22 Log

Monday, May 30thย 

Happy Memorial Day!

Did my physical therapy excerises at home.

We enjoyed the Radnor Memorial Day Parade!

Tuesday, May 31st

Went to the gym and did the bike and elliptical for 15 minutes each. One more month of no running!

Was so glad to get the work out in before my morning huddle at a local coffee shop.

Wednesday, June 1st!ย 

It’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH and Happy Global Running Day!

Wish I could go on a run but I am still slide lined.

Did physical therapy exercises and was on the bike and elliptical for 15 minutes


Thursday, June 2nd

I woke up early to hit the gym for my bike and elliptical work out for 15 minutes each. Then headed home to get my physical therapy exercises completed before I leave for camp.

Friday, June 3rd

Happy National Donut Day!

I thought this chart was really cute to share with everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately since I am at camp I didn’t get to do my workouts because I still can’t run. ๐Ÿ™ I was a 1 month post-op yesterday so I have 1 more month to go!


Saturday, June 4th

Rest Day – at camp

Sunday, June 5th

Rest Day – at camp


*Next week I will see my athletic trainer for a follow up on my knee. I am hoping I am able to walk the ODDyssey Half Marathon next weekend.

Weekend Wrap Up: Memorial Day

It’s officially the start of summer! The Catton family is so excited to have some amazing summer adventures! We started off this weekend with a Frappacino stop at Starbucks before we headed to one of my field hockey players’ grad party.


Saturday morning Brian woke up and did a 10 mile run while I stayed home with Princess Lola. When he got back we went to our favorite breakfast spot for some yummy food!


I got buttermilk pancakes and turkey bacon. Then….

We have been dying to take Lola swimming so a friend suggested we take her to the creek near the Willows on Skunk Hollow Trail. She was hesitant at first by then dove right in. There wasn’t much swimming but jumping through the creek was fun!


Afterwards, Brian and I headed to the Philadelphia Outlets and got some shopping done! I was so excited with the steals I got. Some stuff from Gap, Under Armor, J Crew, and Van Heusen! Needless to say I am so happy with my new summer finds!


Then Brian and I drove out to Cherry Hill, New Jersey to have a date night at our favorite restaurant. We also had a 25% off coupon so that was part of the reason we headed out there.


As you can tell we both love our wine. Hence why part of the reason our honeymoon was in Napa Valley, California.

I got my favorite bacon cheese burger with onion rings on top. After we headed into Old City Philadelphia to this awesome ice cream shop that has been seen on the Travel Channel. We went here the day we got engaged.


There are so many awesome choices to choose from but we went with our go too.

The Mt Vesuvius! It is vanilla ice cream with homemade brownies chunks, whipped cream and a bit of graham cracker on the top. I love how they mold the ice cream into a volcano.



Monday morning we walked downtown to the Radnor Memorial Day Parade! We were so proud of Lola she was such a good girl and met a bunch of new friends.


Lola wanted to see the antic cars too!


After the parade we bummed around the rest of the day. We just sat around and read our books. I am trying to finish Running: A Love Story by Jen A. Miller. Thankfully I am almost done and it is such an awesome book! I highly recommend it!

Anyway, I am sad to see the long weekend end but looking forward to so many fun summer antics!

Yes, mommy this weekend got me a big tuckered out!


Canada Road Trip – Part 2

We woke up in the morning and went out on our mission for coffee for me of course! We landed at Tim Horton’s, a staple in Canada. 

We even left with a bag of coffee to bring home. Bringing a bit of Canada home with us. 

Since I was missing Lola a ton we saw a PetValu store so we stopped in and bought her some special treats that are only made in Canada – we had to get the Maple Bacon flavor for her. 

We found this chain restaurant called Montana’s Cookhouse!

One added bonus to their menu was that they have one of my favorite foods! Fried pickles!!!

After lunch we got ready for the wedding. We were so excited to celebrate Blair and Jacob’s marriage. 

Brian and I really enjoyed this Canadian outdoor wedding with a slice of the states in it! I guess that’s what happened when America and Canada get married! 

Below is probably the cutest picture from the night. Blair’s dad made her wear a jeans jacket to their first father daughter dance so they both wore one in their father and bride dance. 

So much cuteness in one picture!
This girl means the world to me and I was so glad I was able to celebrate their wedding day and 1 year anniversary. I am constantly blessed by her and so glad that we got married less than 2 months apart from each other. It is such a blessing to have a friend that loves Jesus, is super competitive/athletic, and at a similar stage in life as me. Love you so much Blair and you looked amazing!!!!!!

Mama Lynn, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to get a hug from her! I hadn’t seen her since our regional FCA conference in November and with all the growth in our regional I’m not going to see her at any camps this summer either. Instant sad face. So I was super blessed to see her and catch up! 
my Mama Lynn

Happy Wedding Day & 1 Year Anniversary to Jacob & Blair Ruby! We love you and it was so great to be in Canada for the first time for your wedding!!!

2016: Week 20 Log

Monday, May 16th 

I was really excited that I was able to start up on the elliptical this week. So glad I can do the bike for 15 minutes, elliptical for 15 minutes, as well as my exercises.

I spend my time on those two machines now!
Tuesday, May 17th

Spent some time at the gym doing the elliptical, bike, and PT exercises.

Wednesday, May 18th

I had a follow up with my athletic trainer to see how my knee was doing. We both agreed that I could add weight to the knee isometrics and because of that I am only doing my exercises 3 times a week with bike and elliptical everyday (or when I can).

My knee still has some bruising so I need to still take it a little easy on certain exercises which was a bit frustrating but I am going to work through it.

Thursday, May 19th

So glad that I am able to really get a good sweat in at the gym right now. It makes me feel a lot better about my day and also makes me not feel lazy.


I love this new tank I found at Target. Totally true today.

Friday, May 20th

We are leaving for Canada today and I headed to the gym bright and early in the morning to get my bike and elliptical work out in.


Saturday, May 21st

Spent the day with the hubby romping around London, Ontario. We got our food on at the Ruby wedding!

Sunday, May 22nd

Rest day – driving back from Canada and when I got home I really wanted to relax.