2016: Week 20 Log

Monday, May 16th 

I was really excited that I was able to start up on the elliptical this week. So glad I can do the bike for 15 minutes, elliptical for 15 minutes, as well as my exercises.

I spend my time on those two machines now!
Tuesday, May 17th

Spent some time at the gym doing the elliptical, bike, and PT exercises.

Wednesday, May 18th

I had a follow up with my athletic trainer to see how my knee was doing. We both agreed that I could add weight to the knee isometrics and because of that I am only doing my exercises 3 times a week with bike and elliptical everyday (or when I can).

My knee still has some bruising so I need to still take it a little easy on certain exercises which was a bit frustrating but I am going to work through it.

Thursday, May 19th

So glad that I am able to really get a good sweat in at the gym right now. It makes me feel a lot better about my day and also makes me not feel lazy.


I love this new tank I found at Target. Totally true today.

Friday, May 20th

We are leaving for Canada today and I headed to the gym bright and early in the morning to get my bike and elliptical work out in.


Saturday, May 21st

Spent the day with the hubby romping around London, Ontario. We got our food on at the Ruby wedding!

Sunday, May 22nd

Rest day – driving back from Canada and when I got home I really wanted to relax.

Canada Road Trip – Part 1 

If you don’t know to much about me yet I work for a sports organization called the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), and over the summer we host several leadership and sports camps in our region. My role at 2 of our camps is to interview, hire, and train our huddle leaders (camp counsellors) to pour into the lives of the student-athlete campers. Over the years, I have become very close with some of my huddle leaders that often are returners. My one friend/huddle leader, Blair, who played field hockey at Richmond, got really close throughout the years.

Blair and I after one of her college field hockey games.

Her mom is also on staff with FCA as well. Well, due to how life was, they eloped and got married last May. So now on their 1 year anniversary they are having their wedding, in Canada, because her hubby is Canadian.

I was so excited leading up to this trip for one reason being that I’ve never been to Canada! So I am excited to explore this new continent and with the hubby! This trip is definitely a much needed time away just the two of us before crazy summer camp season officially begins!

Anyway, we got up in the morning and I went to the gym quick to ride the bike and elliptical for physical therapy – when I got home was some last minute odds and ends. Then we dropped Lola off at the kennel.

Missing my baby
I was so sad dropping her off but we gave her a family hug and said bye. I hate to admit but I cried when we got in the car then the hubby took me to Devon Donuts and that cheered me up. Then we were on our merry way to, “Oh Canada!”

on our way!!!!!

We got hungry or I like to say hangry in upstate New York so we stopped at Papa Jack’s for some grub!

Papa Jack’s had the best onion rings and homemade potato chips! It reminded me that I need to find a really good homemade potato chip recipe.

We stopped to get gas and I ran into the little shop to grab us a pick me up because we still had 4 hours to go until we got to our hotel. So we tried the new S’mores Frap. It definitely tasted like one too! 

We finally made it to Canada and the officer at customs was awesome!

And we had finally landed in Ontario.

After getting settled in our hotel we decided to head out on a date night in downtown London. Such a nice little place with places to shop and eat. 

We landed at a local brewery for dinner. 

Afterwards, Brian had a hankering for something sweet and we saw a Marble Slab Creamery, which I haven’t been to since the Eastern Lacrosse spring break trip in college. 

We both had to get their Nutella flavor! 

Can’t wait to share more adventures and pictures from the wedding in my next post!

2016: Week 19 Log

Monday, May 9th

Today I went back to the gym! I was honestly excited for this day because I felt like I could really work out again because today starts BIKE DAY!

I went to the gym to get my physical therapy in because lets be honest – physical therapy is my work out for the next couple weeks and today I was able to step on the stationary bike. The goal of getting on the bike is to get the motion back in my knee.

Tuesday, May 10th

I went to my follow up appointment for my knee. The assistant said that my knee looks great and she was impressed with the motion I had in my knee already. So that’s a good thing that my PT is doing what it needs to do. 

Afterwards, I hit the gym to ride the bike for 15 minutes then headed home to do the rest of my PT. Lola sat next to me when I was doing my heel slides. So sweet. 

Wednesday, May 11th

I did most of my physical therapy at home then went to the gym to ride the bike for 15 minutes. 

I also did some ab work and arm lifting as well. Then…. Stopped at Starbucks for a little afternoon pick me up before our last lacrosse practice of the season. 

Thursday, May 12th

I did my physical therapy at home and went to the gym to ride the bike for a little bit. 

I am really excited about how much range of motion I have back in my knee already. Things are looking up! 

Range of motion is coming back! yay!
On another note, Brian and I dropped Lola off at the vet to get spayed. I missed this little munchkin all day.

look at that face

Friday, May 13th

Today I was able to get my PT done at home before I picked Lola up from the vet. Once she got home we spent a lonof cuddle time together… 

Lola even fell asleep with her new bone I her mouth.

Then I headed to the gym to ride the bike for 15 minutes as well as do crunches and push ups.

Saturday, May 14th

I decided to not to physical therapy today because I felt like my knee needed a break. The bruising is also still there and has been pretty tender, wanted to see if I could heal a bit more this weekend. 

I went on two nice walks with Lola and the hubby and I went out on a little date. 

We stopped at Whole Foods to pick up pint of Halo Top ice cream. 

It was definitely a nice healthy treat!

Sunday, May 16th

What an exciting day! Brian and I switched gyms! The gym that we attend now has a pool, so many different cardio machines, a cross-fit area, and then cardio machines have TVs on them! We are so excited not to mention that is down the street from our apartment! 

I started be elliptical today too! 

Well, it as nice to get into PT and switch gyms so I can get more focused on strength training again! Also, running in the pool is a plus too!

Friday Fives: Volume 2 

I have done this post one time before, so I thought I’d bring it back for a second round.

But here are some things that are my favorites as of lately….

1) Chip Up Tank

I found this tank at Target and I absolutely had to have it. The phrase describes me to well. Can’t wait to wear it for a work out.

2) Mighty Ducks Trilogy

The hubby and I decided this week to bring out my favorite series from growing up. I have to admit I was slightly obsessed with these movies during my middle school years. If you haven’t seen this oldies but goodies I highly recommend having a movie marathon with some pop corn!

3) Book: Running: A Love Story

I love it when I have the chance to sit down and read a book for fun. It is difficult for me to find the time to sit down and chill for a bit like that. A local Philadelphia/South Jersey runner and journalist wrote this book about her life. It is very witty, honest, and a quick read. I’m not done the book yet but I am hoping to really dive into it more this weekend and finish it!

4) Multi-Grain Peanut Butter Cheerios

My favorite cereal to date! We definitely buy a box of this amazing new healthy cereal every week. I just gobble it up! Definitely worth the try if you love peanut butter like me.


5) Trader Joe’s: Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies

I did my monthly Trader Joe’s shopping trip and have been passing these cookies for months and resisted until this week. I am obsessed with their cookie butter and just had to try these and they are amazing! If you have a Trader Joe’s near you I highly recommended grabbing this yummy sweet treat!


Lisa’s Friday Fives is signing off! Hope you guys enjoyed my recent favorites!


2016: Week 18 Log

Monday, May 2nd – Surgery Day!

Everything went well! My meniscus was shaved down so I will have a 2 months to recover. The surgeon is concerned about my arthritis but we will see how it goes post recovery.

Icing the knee post surgery!

Tuesday, May 3rd

I was recovering from surgery. Went to see my athletic trainer from Eastern to check in and ice my knee.

The hubby brought me home some flowers :)
The hubby brought me home some flowers 🙂

Wednesday, May 4th

Did knee isometrics 3 times and made sure I was bending my knee a bit as I was walking.

Thursday, May 5th

Knee isometrics – I was walking a lot better but when I stand fora bit my knee will get stiff an more difficult to bend.

Friday, May 6th 

Did my knee isometrics

Celebrated Lola’s 6th month birthday!

Happy 6 month birthday Lola Bear!

Saturday, May 7th
We celebrated Mother’s Day with the hubby’s parents at Seasons 52. I got my PT in throughout the day which was good.

Sunday, May 8th

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I may not be a “real mommy” yet but I sure do love caring for our little fur baby!

Icing the knee post surgery!

I woke up this morning being able to bend my knee a lot better. I am excited to get onto the bike this week to begin getting motion back into it.

Broad Street Run Recap

For the 4th year in a row I took down the Broad Street beast! Yes, I beat Broad Street yet again.
Honestly, this race is one of my favorite races to run in the Philadelphia area, but it isn’t usually a race that I perform well at, for some reason something alwas goes wrong for me during this race. In 2013, I got tendonitis in my foot really bad during the race and was barely able to finish. In 2014, I honestly just showed up not wanting to run that day and did not perform well at all. I had been struggling with my asthma for a couple months prior and I just wasn’t in the mood to run 10 miles. In 2015, it was the first time I actually did well! I ran a 1:29:29 and I PRed by 10 minutes! I was on such a high after this race that I felt like all the work I had put into training and getting faster had been paying off.
Well, this year (2016), turned out to be another race where I knew going into it I wasn’t going to perform since I was running on a torn meniscus in my right knee. Therefore, I already knew that this was going to be a rough race for my physically but then they were calling for run all week. This wasn’t a good weather prediction considering that this race is usually really hot and sunny, in fact it was the opposite! No one could believe it. So the hubby and I bought ponchos along with the rest of the runners.


Everyone was huddled around Central High School in Northeast Philly waiting for the race to start in the pouring rain. It was definitely freezing and if it wasn’t raining would have been perfect race weather… or even if it was warmer I honestly wouldn’t have minded the rain that much. But cold and rain didn’t mix well for a 10 mile race on May 1st.

The hubby and I huddled under a tree to stay dry.
We finally went to our corrals and it was not raining as hard, thank goodness but everyone was huddled up together in the corrals trying to keep all our body heat in and not get to cold before the race started.
The start

When the race FINALLY started because lets be honest, it felt like forever in this weather, I wasn’t feeling to hot, meaning my legs were so cold and tight. It was very difficult to warm up prior to this race due to the conditions.

I was having such a rough time mentally that I was thinking about hoping on the Broad Street Line and just heading home. But I thought to myself, “This is my last race for a 2 months and I need to finish.” So I continued pushing through and then I saw City Hall knowing that the half way point was approaching I all of a sudden got a surge of energy and I was off and running.

To be honest, I walked most of the water stations because I wanted to give my knee a rest and not totally kill it before surgery Monday afternoon. I am thankful that those mini walk breaks gave me more energy to keep pushing through.

Once I got passed City Hall I was on fire. I honestly felt like I didn’t have a meniscus tear and that I was running normally. I couldn’t believe my mile splits either – I was averaging a 10 minute mile pace with my knee injury and not having run for more than a month. I couldn’t believe the shape that I felt like I was in. Then I got down on myself a bit because I thought, if I wasn’t hurt and I was able to actually train would I have been my 2015 time!?

Well, I couldn’t do anything about it so I decided that I needed to stop being sour about my injury and just be thankful that I was allowed to run the race and that I even finished the race.

But after the race, I got my medal and snacks from the people in the tents and found my hubby as fast as I could so we could start the 1 mile trek back to our car so we could warm up. My hands were so cold that they were swollen so needless to say we were walking as fast as we could!

But I can’t lie – I am so glad that I have a partner in life that loves running as much as I do! It makes these events so much more fun despite the conditions!

4th Broad Street Run completed!

Bring on 2017!